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General information and technical advice on the design, installation and maintenance of micro data centres for Edge computing applications.

The Role of Micro Data Centres in 5G Wireless Applications

Micro Data Centres for 5G Applications

Cisco predicts a tripling of digital traffic over the next five years, led by developments in Edge computing and the deployment of 5G wireless technologies. For data processing at the Edge, new types of datacentre are being developed including Micro Data Centres (MDCs) which will also play a role in 5G wireless connectivity. Micro Data […]

Why Server Rooms Are Installing Micro Data Centres

Micro Data Centres for server rooms

The datacentre industry is always evolving, and many organisations face a growing demand to combine on-site computing with hyperscale based cloud services. Few will outsource all their IT functions and will retain an on-site server room but what will this look like in the future? The answer to this lies in how the organisation intends […]

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