Borri INGENIO PLUS 3 Phase 80kVA UPS

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The 80kVA INGENIO Plus three phase UPS system is a high efficiency power protection system designed for small to medium sized server rooms, telecoms and datacentres. The INGENIO PLUS is a transformerless UPS design with a compact footprint and can be installed in single or parallel/redundant configurations. The UPS system uses Green Conversion technology to provide high operating efficiencies, even at low loads and to optimise the working life of the connected battery set. The UPS has an input power factor of 0.99 and a low input current distortion, with a soft start feature to guarantee generator compatibility. Electrical installation costs are relatively low as infrastructure does not have to be oversized and the overall installation and maintenance space required is low due to the compact transformerless design. A common battery set can be used for parallel/redundant UPS configurations.

80kVA/80kW UPS System Features

  • Online double conversion UPS, VFI-SS-111 classification as per IEC EN 62040-3
  • Ultra-high efficiency mode providing up to 99% efficiency
  • Full rated output power (pF=1) for optimal UPS sizing and utilization
  • Full IGBT technology Transformer free design with electronic power factor correction
  • Input power factor of 0.99 input power factor and a low THDi <3%
  • Generator compatible and with a Cold restart option
  • A range of communications options and protocols for remote monitoring
  • Internal lead acid battery sets with optional battery cabinets for extended runtimes or lithium-on batteries
  • Dynamic Charging Mode (DCM) for maximum versatility, long autonomies with a fast recharge times
  • Intermittent battery charge, with adjustable cycles to optimise energy savings
  • Automatic system and battery test function

Runtime Options

SKU Description UPS Dimensions Extension Cabinet/Rack
ING+80 UPS with no battery 560W x 940D x 1800Hmm 300Kg
ING+80-06 6 minutes internal 560W x 940D x 1800Hmm 815Kg *
ING+80-10 10 minutes 560W x 940D x 1800Hmm 300Kg 782W x 845D x 1670Hmm 1015Kg *
ING+80-15 15 minutes 560W x 940D x 1800Hmm 300Kg 782W x 845D x 1670Hmm 1260Kg *
ING+80-30 30 minutes 560W x 940D x 1800Hmm 300Kg 910W x 955D x 1741Hmm 1700Kg (Open Rack) *
ING+80-45 45 minutes 560W x 940D x 1800Hmm 300Kg 1450W x 855D x 1751Hmm 2360Kg (Open Rack) *
ING+80-60 60 minutes 560W x 940D x 1800Hmm 300Kg 1500W x 855D x 1798Hmm 3060Kg (Open Rack) *
  • Note requires on-site battery build.