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APC Smart-UPS SCL 500VA 400W Lithium-Ion 1U Rackmount Short Depth UPS with Network Card

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The APC Smart-UPS SCL 500VA/400W is a rackmount line interactive UPS with a lithium-ion battery and patented green mode technology providing high efficiency at low, medium, and high load levels. The UPS is a short depth 1U rackmount system and is supplied with a Network Management Card (MNC) preinstalled

Managed outlet groups allow segmented load control to power on or off your equipment in series, as well as load shedding to preserve battery power for essential connected equipment or reboot a hung device without impacting other equipment. Lithium-ion batteries provides 3x battery life, better performance at higher temperatures and Total Cost of Ownership savings compared to valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries.

APC SCL 500VA UPS Features

  • High-efficiency Green Mode: achieves up to 98% efficiency which minimizes utility and cooling costs without compromising UPS performance or reliability
  • Network-grade Power: provides stable power conditions by filtering noise, automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and surge protection
  • LCD Display Intuitive Interface: provides detailed information with ability to configure locally
  • Built-in Energy Meter: measures energy use and displays UPS efficiency in operating modes for easy tracking
  • Intelligent Battery Management System: monitoring at the cell level to manage voltage helps Lithium-ion batteries provide a higher level of performance
  • Short-depth Design: the short-depth UPS form factor on 1.5kVA models and below allows for compatibility with wall mount racks
  • Five-year Warranty: peace of mind with a five-year warranty on both electronics and internal batteries
  • Remote UPS Power Monitoring: using PowerChute software and network management cards

APC Smart-UPS Front Panel Display

  • LCD Display Screen: clear consistent and detailed information in your choice of basic or advanced menus
  • Power Status: showing operating mode and efficiency mode, load VA/Watts/Amps, input/output voltage and frequency, battery capacity and runtime and energy meter
  • Configuration: language, power quality settings and alarm, delay and threshold settings
  • Test and Diagnostics: initiate battery and runtime calibration tests
  • Control: UPS and outlet group settings
  • Logs: see explanation of last 10 transfers and errors
  • LED Indicators: quickly identify online, on battery, error and replace battery status
  • Intuitive interface: easy-to-use buttons to navigate and adjust settings
  • Load Energy Meter: track energy usage in kilowatt hours

APC Smart-UPS SC Lithium-ion features

  • APC SmartConnect: for easy to-use remote monitoring feature that provide automatic notifications, firmware updates and advanced support services
  • Embedded Network Management Card: allows users to remote monitor and control the UPS via secure network browsers or external command line interfaces; ideal for fleet management
  • Communication Ports: easy connection and initialisation using serial ports / use USB with Serial to USB adapter
  • Lithium-ion Batteries: provide long-life battery power, ability to operate at higher temperatures without degradation of battery performance and up to one-third lighter than VRLA batteries
  • Rugged Sheet Metal Construction: rigidly holds and helps protect essential electrical components
  • Audible Alarms: provides notification of changing utility power and UPS power conditions
  • Input Circuit Breaker: re-settable protection
  • Two-stage Network Grade Power Conditioning: circuitry filters power problems
  • Site Wiring Fault: automatic detection

Lithium-ion Battery Advantages

  • 3x Longer life expectancy than VRLA batteries
  • Help to eliminate the cost of battery replacement, labour, shipping and recycling
  • Save on TCO by up to 43%
  • Better battery performance at ambient temperatures, up to 40°C
  • Up to 65% lighter batteries for easier handling and installation
  • Battery management system and certifications provide higher level of performance
  • Greater efficiency in charge and discharge of the batteries

Power Protection Applications

  • Entry-level servers
  • Virtualised server applications
  • Voice and data networks