APC EASY UPS BV 800VA UPS with Universal Outlets

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The APC Back-UPS BV800I-MS is a 800VA/450W uninterruptible power supply with a built-in battery, six universal outlets (UK BS1363 and French/German Schuko) providing spike and surge protection, and a built-in Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) which instantly adjusts the UPS output voltage in response to fluctuations in the mains power supply in order to protect connected load(s). The UPS is compact and can be used in variety of environments, including wall-mounting into wiring cabinets if required. The outlets are spaced widely to allow for the easy connection of bulky AC/DC power transformers and provide battery back-up on mains power supply failure (typically 2.5 minutes at 240W/9 minutes at 180W/13 minutes at 120W load).

APC BV800I-MS UPS Features

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation: the built-in AVR provides Buck and Trim performance to automatically adjust the UPS output without resorting to battery power
  • Automatic Diagnostic Testing: automatic periodic battery self-testing to provide early indication that the UPS battery requires replacement
  • Battery Connector: easy to use one-step battery connector for fast battery replacement
  • Intelligent Off-mode Charging: allows the UPS to continue to charge the battery even when the UPS is off
  • Cold Start Function: allows the UPS to be started-up without a mains power supply

The APC Easy UPS BV series is available in 500VA, 700VA, 950VA and 1400VA UPS sizes.

APC Easy UPS BV800I-MS Applications

  • Desktop PCs and peripherals
  • IT network devices including routers and switches
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices
  • Game consoles
  • Projectors and office equipment


VA/W SKU IEC C13 Outlets SKU Universal Outlets
500VA/300W BV500I BV500I-MS
650VA/375W BV650I BV650I-MS
800VA/450W BX800I BX800I-MS
1000VA/650W BX1000I BX1000I-MS