Server Room Air Conditioners and Cooling Systems

We supply a wide range of air conditioners for server rooms, network closets and computer rooms as well as larger cooling systems for datacentre environments. For server rooms we supply wall mounted as well as ceiling suspended units and for datacentres in-row cooling units and computer room air conditioners (CRACs) and computer room air handlers (CRAHs). Please contact us if you need more information or cannot find the air conditioner and cooling system you need. We provide free Site Surveys and all the HVAC, mechanical and electrical services required to provide your site with a highly efficient, energy saving and resilient cooling system.

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Server Room Cooling Site Surveys

We always recommend a site survey for server room air conditioners and cooling projects, as there are several variables that can affect the type of system best suited for a particular room size and its cooling needs.

We have air conditioning specialists and project managers based across the UK and offer a free site survey. We can advise on new installations, equipment upgrades, eco-friendly equipment disposal and recycling and air conditioner maintenance contracts.

The factors that can affect sizing and selection of the right air conditioner include: load size, space, room layout and future expansion plans, in addition to the location within the building with regards to ducting and air exchange.

When we perform a site survey we use a generic air conditioner checklist that we have built-up over several years of surveys within server room and datacentre environments. We also record site specific information to ensure we propose the right HVAC solution for your project. What will then follow is a complete project quotation and if necessary, a site specific Risk and Method Statement (RAMS).

Maintenance Contracts and Warranties

We also offer complete HVAC and air conditioning system maintenance contracts including preventative maintenance visits and emergency call out facilities. All our units are supplied with a long product warranty to cover spares and this can be up to 7 years.

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