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Mitsubishi Cooling Technologies

For computer closets and small server rooms, Mitsubishi Electric supplies a range of R32 refrigerant wall mount or ceiling suspended air conditioners. For larger server rooms and datacentres, close control IT cooling systems are available to provide high sensible cooling and close temperature and humidity control.

  • s-MEXT DX Close Control Systems: a range of high precision air conditioners, ideal for applications requiring high sensible cooling and close temperature and humidity control are required.
  • PFD-P-VM-E Close Control VRF Systems: range of room-sized close control cooling systems for applications needing a high sensible cooling and close temperature and humidity control. Ideal applications include server rooms and datacentres. The systems have an inverter driven compressor incorporated into an outdoor unit.

RC IT Cooling Systems

The RC IT cooling systems from Mitsubishi Electric includes perimeter cooling units, in-row, rack and door cooling solutions designed to provide r high sensible cooling and close temperature and humidity control. The range includes:

  • High Precision Air Conditioners: ideal for applications requiring high sensible cooling, temperature and humidity control. The i-NEXT direct expansion air cooled range has built-in full inverter driven BLDC Mitsubishi compressors which are the perfect choice for keeping room conditions constant under varying loads and are highly efficient.
  • RC Perimeter Cooling Units: a range of perimeter, up-flow and down-flow units to cool new and existing IT rooms efficiently and effectively. The units include DX and water-cooled options, precise temperature and humidity controls, EC PUL (Polumeric Ultralight) high efficiency fans, DC inverter technology, free cooling, dual fluid circuits and the advanced i-Next control system.
  • Rack Cooling Solutions: to provide precision cooling for managing high density servers and ‘hot-spots’ in rack rows. The units include DX and water cooled options, modulated airflow using EC high efficiency fans and thermal load sensors in the hot and cold aisles, compatible with most server rack sizes and fully scalable, with N+X resilience including dual circuit and free cooling.
  • Door Unit Cooling Solutions: providing closed-coupling cooling to eliminate hot-spots in datacentre environments. Installed at the back of the rack in the hot aisle, the units can reduce the number of racks needed per row and use high efficiency fans and are suitable for 42/48U racks, with minimal intrusion into the server rack space and dynamic air stratification control.

Mitsubishi Electric Warranted Installations

The standard Mitsubishi Electric product warranty is 3 years. Our projects team uses approved Mitsubishi Electric installers, ensuring a 7 year warranty cover for the Mitsubishi cooling unit installed by them.

For more information on Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners and cooling solutions please contact our projects team.