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Daikin Cooling Technologies

Daikin designs and manufacturers reliable and energy efficient critical cooling systems for installation in IT network rooms, computer rooms, server rooms and datacentres. The cooling systems are designed for resilience and to maximise uptime in temperatures from as low as -15°C to 50°C.

The cooling units can be installed in N+X configurations to provide scalable growth and standby back-up resilience. If there is a unit failure, the standby unit(s) automatically take over and issue an emergency repair alert.

Energy Efficiency and Running Costs

Daikin air conditioners and critical cooling solutions are designed to be provide year-round energy efficiency and low annual running costs. This can be achieved using these operating modes:

  • Free Cooling Mode: educes energy usage by using outdoor air during the autumn and winter periods when outside temperatures are far cooler. This allows the lower the usage or shutdown the compressors in refrigerant based cooling systems in order to reduce energy and operating costs.
  • Heat Recovery Mode: captures the heat generated during the cooling process for reuse in comfort heating or to provide hot water to other areas of a building.
  • Duty Rotation Mode: a standard feature on Sky Air models to allow the cycling of running and standby air conditioning units to maximise their operating life and increase energy efficiency.

Sky Air Models

Sky Air Daikin indoor air conditioners are extremely quiet (22dB on some models) and energy efficient with an A++ seasonal efficiency rating for heating and cooling. Daikin Sky Air units incorporate:

  • Variable Refrigerant Technology: to automatically adapt the refrigerant temperature to the load
  • Auto-cleaning Units: for up to 50% more energy savings by up to 50% compared to standard cassettes and concealed ceiling units
  • Heat Pumps: to use renewable energy to provide heating in winter and cooling in summer and as required in IT environments.

Daikin Sky Air air conditioners are cost effective critical cooling systems and are ideal for server rooms, telecoms shelters, cabinets and datacentre environments and use R32 refrigerant-based cooling technology.

Bluevolution Air-cooled and Water-cooled Chillers

Are ideal for medium-sized to hyperscale datacentres and provide a centrally managed precision cooling system for temperature and humidity, with a free cooling mode and unique rapid restart function.

For datacentre applications we recommend a site survey as each cooling system is designed from a standard catalogue of products to meet the cooling, resilience and energy efficiency specifications.

D1 Business Partners and Installation Companies

The standard Daikin product warranty is 3 years. Our projects team uses D1 installers to ensure that each Daikin air conditioning and cooling system is installed correctly and benefit from the extended 7 year warranty.

For more information on Daikin air conditioners or a free site survey please contact our project team.