Eaton 5S 1000i 1000VA Tower UPS

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The Eaton 1kVA 5S line interactive uninterruptible power supply provides power protection from voltage fluctuations and power outages. The UPS has a built-in automatic voltage regulator (AVR) to provide protection from sags, surges and brownout power conditions. The 5S also has built-in telephone, broadband and Ethernet line surge protection. The 5S UPS has a small form factor and can be installed vertically on or under a desk or horizontally under a screen. Available sizes include 550VA, 700VA, 1kVA and 1.5kVA sizes.

Eaton 1kVA 5S UPS Features

  • 4 IEC outlet sockets with surge protection
  • 4 IEC outlet sockets with surge protection and battery backup
  • ON/OFF push button and LED interface
  • USB connectivity and HID functionality
  • Dataline protection
  • User replaceable battery
  • Reset button (circuit breaker)
  • Automatic restart

Eaton 5S 1kVA UPS Applications

  • Workstations and network devices
  • Internet of Things (IoT) products and gateways
  • Business IP telephony systems
  • Retail EPoS equipment

The Eaton 5S 1kVA UPS system has a 3 year warranty and is compatible with Eaton UPS Companion power management software. The UPS is supplied with two IEC-IEC power cords and a USB cable.