Borri B8000FXS 10kVA 3/1 or 3/3 UPS

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The Borri B8000FXS is a 10kVA uninterruptible power supply for the power protection of small to medium sized server rooms, telecoms and datacentres, safety and emergency systems applications, building automation and medical facilities. The UPS is a transformerless design, has a three-phase input and can be configured during installation to provide a single or three phase output (3/1 or 3/3). The UPS can be installed in parallel/redundant configurations and can be used to provide long runtime autonomies. Customisation options are available for harsh environments and industrial applications.

10kVA B8000 UPS System Features

  • Online double conversion UPS, VFI-SS-111 classification as per IEC EN 62040-3
  • Compact size and footprint to reduce installation space requirements
  • Low running costs with a high operating efficiency and ECO Mode option
  • Full IGBT technology with a sinusoidal input to reduce electrical installation costs
  • Easy to commission and maintain with removable power modules and built-in diagnostics
  • Full IGBT technology and electronic power factor correction, 0.99 input PF and THDi <3%
  • High power battery charger for long autonomy runtimes and fast recharge times
  • Dual DSP plus microcontroller for enhanced performance and reliability
  • CAN-bus based distributed parallel control for efficient load sharing accuracy
  • A range of communications options and protocols for remote monitoring
  • Advanced battery management with ripple current minimization, charge current/voltage control and automatic/manual battery testing

Runtime Options

SKU Description UPS Dimensions Extension Cabinet/Rack
B8033-10 UPS with no battery 450W x 650D x 1200Hmm 100Kg
B8033-10-18 18 minutes internal 450W x 650D x 1200Hmm 270Kg
B8033-10-25 25 minutes internal 450W x 650D x 1200Hmm 285Kg
B8033-10-45 45 minutes 450W x 650D x 1690Hmm 100Kg 565W x 650D x 1200Hmm – 475Kg *
B8033-10-65 65 minutes 450W x 650D x 1690Hmm 100Kg 565W x 650D x 1200Hmm – 490Kg *
B8033-10-105 105 minutes 450W x 650D x 1200Hmm 285Kg 565W x 650D x 1200Hmm – 490Kg *
  • Note requires on-site battery build.
Brand: Borri UPS
Input Supply:

400 Vac 3-phase with neutral (rectifier), 380/400/415 Vac 3-phase with neutral (bypass),-20%, +15% (rectifier); +10% (bypass), 50/60 Hz, 45 to 65 Hz

Output Supply:

380/400/415 Vac 3-phase with neutral, Static ±1%; dynamic: IEC EN 62040-3 Class 1, 50/60 Hz

Power Rating:



up to 98%


Internal battery or separate battery cabinet or stand


Hardwired 4W



Nett Weight:



36 months (extended available)

Maintenance Contract:

Battery replacement only or Emergency Response and Preventative Maintenance (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum)