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Industrial Process Control UPS Systems
Electronic and microprocessor controlled industrial manufacturing and process control systems require uninterruptible power and protection from power problems when operating in harsh industrial electrical environments. Without UPS protection, process control systems can be damaged or operate erratically, leading to waste, scrappage and downtime.
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Process Control UPS Solutions

Industrial manufacturing and process control applications are generally required to operate continuously except during planned downtime for maintenance, inspection and repairs. Once a process is running, any power variations or sudden power outages can lead to lost manufacturing time, production wastage and the additional costs of resetting the production line. It makes sense to ensure that any sensitive electronic and electrical systems are protected with uninterruptible power supplies. Not only will a UPS system ensure continuous manufacturing and process control operations. A UPS will also prevent hardware and power supply damage, and help to prevent data integrity and production quality problems.

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Industrial Process Control UPS Solutions

Industrial machinery and process control systems require power outage protection and backup power to ensure their reliability, performance, and the quality of their production output. Any power problems or fluctuations can result in quality control issues, the scrappage of production output and potential downtime as automated production lines are reset.

When protection by an on-line uninterruptible power supply, industrial machinery and process control manufacturing systems receive clean, stable, and conditioned electrical supplies. Mains borne interference and voltage fluctuations are removed form the output waveforms by the UPS front-end rectifier/charger assembly and electronic filtering and conditioning circuits.

Power sensitive electronic production control systems from a UPS system helps to reduce the wear and tear on their power supplies. This results in less downtime for repairs and maintenance and improved operational hours.

The type of industrial UPS for a manufacturing site will depend on the electrical conditions and power problems present. UPS solutions for industrial manufacturing and automated process control sites include transformer-based and transformerless designs, sized to handle high in-rush motor loads, robotic systems and variable speed drives. UPS systems cab also be climatised to accommodate harsh environments. Options include customisation for higher ambient temperatures, than you find in a server room or data centre (greater than 25°C), fan dust filters, cabinets with IP ratings above IP20 and battery types including maintenance free valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) or lithium-ion batteries.

Galvanic Isolation

In harsh electrical environments, galvanic isolation may be required to protect the manufacturing loads connected to the UPS from spikes, electrical noise and interference. Galvanic isolation can be a feature of a transformer-based UPS or added to a transformerless UPS system through the addition of a separate transformer cabinet.

Energy Efficiency

ECO mode is an operational mode common in larger uninterruptible power supplies. In ECO mode the UPS operates as a line interactive and standby power system. The UPS provides battery backup protection from momentary or longer power outages. This mode of operation can achieve operating efficiencies of up to 99% for the UPS. In full online mode the UPS may be operating at 96-97% energy efficiency. For a large kilowatt or megawatt rated UPS the difference in operating efficiency can result in operational cost savings and a reduction in electricity bills.

Our critical power projects team are experts in industrial uninterruptible power supplies and standby power generators and can provide a complete turnkey project management service for industrial manufacturing and process control applications. We deliver and maintain industry leading solutions, competitively priced.

Please contact our projects team to discuss a UPS or generator solution for your industrial manufacturing application or to arrange a site survey.


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