APC Smart-UPS SMX 3000VA 2U Rack/Tower UPS

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The APC Smart-UPS SMX3000RMHV2U is a 3kVA/2.7kW advanced line interactive 2U rack/tower uninterruptible power supply with up to 6 minutes runtime (internal battery), external battery pack options to increase the backup time available, spike and surge protection, and a built-in Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) which instantly adjusts the UPS output voltage in response to fluctuations in the mains power supply to protect connected load(s).

The APC Smart-UPS SMX UPS series is available in 750VA, 1kVA, 1.5kVA, 2.2kVA and 3kVA UPS sizes.

APC SMX3000RMHV2U UPS Features

  • Network-grade Power: provides a stable power output by filtering electrical noise, surge protection and automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
  • High Efficiency Green Mode: to optimise energy efficiency and save on electricity and cooling costs
  • APC SmartConnect: connection a cloud-based UPS monitoring portal
  • Communication Ports: serial, USB, and SmartSlot for UPS accessory cards
  • Advanced Battery Management: temperature compensating charging to help extend battery life with advanced algorithms to recommend a replacement date for the UPS battery set
  • Alphanumeric LCD Display: an intuitive interface provides detailed and accurate information including operating mode and efficiency, load VA/Watts/Amps, input/output voltage and frequency, battery capacity and runtime and energy usage, with the ability to configure the UPS locally from the front panel
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO): provides for remote UPS shut-off in the event of a critical safety event such as a fire or other emergency (2,200VA and above)
  • Battery Disconnect: provides a convenient way to disconnect the battery for transportation
  • Smart External Battery Connector: accepts external battery extension packs and increases the runtime automatically available
  • Switched Outlet Groups: remotely reboot hung devices, shed non-critical loads to conserve battery backup, and sequence the start-up/turn off of connected loads

APC Smart-UPS SMX3000RMHV2U Applications

  • IT servers and network devices
  • Point of sale terminals
  • Switches, hubs and routers
  • VoIP telephone systems

The SMX3000RMHV2U has a 3 year warranty with extended UPS warranty options available.

The batteries are user replaceable – see UPS battery kit RBC117

For extended runtimes use the SMX120RMBP2U external battery pack.