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Teltonika RMS Remote Management System

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The Teltonika RMS gives you full control over your fleet of Teltonika Networks routers and gateways, ensuring their security and availability. RMS offers many features to save your time and expenses while managing everything remotely, even without a public IP. Teltonika RMS is available on a 30 day free trial. The service is priced qubased on the quantity of devices and GB data packets required. Please contact us for pricing.

RMS Management

  • Device Management and Configuration: remotely monitor and control Teltonika Networks products: personalize dashboard using custom table presets, update f irmware, upload/restore configurations within a few clicks. Management of a single device or huge fleet becomes a simple task with reduced costs
  • Device and ISP Service Performance Analysis: set up a custom report system that contains information on relevant device parameters. Reports can be generated periodically or whenever needed. All generated reports are stored on RMS servers and can be downloaded at any point for future analysis
  • WiFi and Hotspot Monitoring: ensure top quality of service and user experience while monitoring your company routers with active WiFi/Hotspot and analyzing their performance by checking information about active users, data usage, and use time
  • View Device Information, Metrics and Latest Logs: analyze your devices with RMS collected data. Every router activated in RMS periodically reports various telemetry and events information, which are logged and processed for future performance checks or maintenance planning
  • Device Location Monitoring: RMS location monitoring enables tracking and monitoring for a single device or the whole fleet with ease. With information stored in RMS servers, it is possible to track movement history
  • Port Scanning and Current Port Status: for remote devices, finding which physical ports are in use can be a tedious and expensive task. Port scan enables seeing active Ethernet ports and devices connected to them. Moreover, you may create RMS connect access links with a single click

RMS Connect

RMS CONNECT is a unified access system that lets you remotely reach and control smart devices, such as industrial PCs, CCTV cameras, and PoS systems, using RMS alongside compatible routers or gateways with supported protocols. With its web integration tools, there is no need for a public IP address or additional installations and VPN services. RMS Connect helps you save time and money by managing your fleet of devices remotely with simplicity and efficiency. RMS Connect enables the access and control of non-Teltonika Networks devices via RDP/VNC, SSH, or HTTP protocols without any additional software. The RMS API provides a possibility to carry endless RMS features into your in-house IoT platform.


Large-scale networks with fleets of devices require the best security. RMS VPN is a quick, simple way to set up a VPN for your entire infrastructure, and can act as a secure M2M network for interconnecting remote systems without needing a dedicated server. Everything is configured automatically with VPN Quick Connect, while VPN Hub gives you full control over connected clients and routes.

RMS Versions

Choose a standard or custom version of RMS. Enjoy the flexibility provided to you by multiple customization options and take a short quiz to help you decide on the best one.

  • Hosted: on Amazon AWS Cloud
  • Branding: Standard Teltonika Networks RMS branding
  • Pricing: Standard RMS licensing model

RMS Security

Teltonika RMS uses multiple measures to ensure a safe connection, including numerous security protocols and data encryption.

  • Encrypted Communication: keep your setup safe with encrypted channels to communicate with Teltonika Networks and third-party devices
  • Proprietary Protocol: : ensure the safety of your data transfer between router and server with the proprietary protocol
  • AWS Cloud Security: : RMS is hosted on AWS, chosen for its robust security capabilities and tools
  • Teltonika ID: : use your biometrics for highly secure yet fast and easy authentication

Teltonika RMS API

The Teltonika RMS API allows your IoT platform to interact with RMS directly and get the exact data and functionality needed.

  • Open API: inlock the full potential of RMS with OpenAPI – a set of specifications created by a consortium of industry experts recognizing the value of standardized API descriptions
  • RMS Developer Portal: make full use of extensive information on RMS API, including examples, authentication methods and guides provided in the developer portal
  • Developers Sandbox: Test multiple RMS API endpoints with all the detailed information provided in developer sandbox before starting your programming

Management Options

  • Management: Teltonika offers a 30-day trial period for every new device, so you can try RMS free of charge. After that period, the Management service is available in either packages of 5 or 10 years, or credits worth 30 days per device each, giving you more long-term control over how you manage your devices
  • Connect and VPN: Teltonika offer the first 5 GB of data, free of charge, for every company on RMS. After that, pricing for the Connect and VPN services is on-demand, so you only pay for the data you use. This data can be purchased as either a 150 GB package assigned to a device for 10 years, or as credits worth 2 GB each assigned to a company on RMS
  • RMS API: each company on RMS receives 100,000 free API requests per 30-day period, starting with the date of the first request. While this is more than enough for most IoT solutions, we invite you to contact us in case you need more