In-row Air Conditioning Systems

In-row cooling systems are designed for use in server room and datacentre environments with the cooling unit placed in the same row or at the end of a row of server room cabinet. An in-row air conditioner provides very close proximity cooling and can be installed on a raised access floor or suspended from overhead or housed on-top of a cabinet to reduce the need for floor space. Please contact us to discuss your cooling system project in more detail or to arrange a free project review or Site Survey.

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A range of in-row cooling units and air conditioners for server rooms and datacentres.

Efficiency and Capacity Gains From In-row Cooling Systems

Using in-row air conditioners provides both efficiency and capacity gains. The close proximity to the load provides a smaller distance for cool and warm air to flow, making in-row units suitable for hot-aisle/cold-aisle containment. In-row units are modular in format allowing a scalable architecture that can be scaled to suit growth of the server room or datacentre aisles.

The Server Room Environments team work with a number of leading cooling system manufacturers and can supply in-row air conditioner for use with chilled water or a refrigerant and will require connection to chilled water supply or remote condenser. Our team of cooling experts provide a free site survey, design, installation and maintenance service.
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