Eaton 91PS 30kW UPS

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The Eaton 91PS 30kW UPS is a three-phase (or single- phase) input and single-phase output UPS system rated at unity power factor where output kW=kVA to provide more real power (Watts) to the load. The UPS is designed for scalability, efficiency, safety and resilience and has a compact footprint. The UPS uses two 15kW UPS module in a 30-40kW 91PS UPS frame. The UPS frame can be supplied with internal batteries and extended battery cabinets can provide extended runtimes.

Eaton 91PS 30kW UPS Features

  • 2×15kW (PF=1) UPS power modules
  • Three-phase or single-phase UPS input and single-phase output (3/1 or 1/1) selectable at installation
  • A modular design providing internal redundancy (separate battery configuration also available)
  • Hot swappable power modules for fast upgrade or replacement online without load disruption
  • Scalable with a parallel architecture that can support up to four UPS frames in parallel
  • Energy Saver System (ESS) for operating efficiency >99%, with 96% in double-conversion mode
  • Integral short-circuit and back-feed to help reduce the cost of upstream distribution panels
  • Front panel LEDs and touchscreen LCD for status information and access to event logs
  • Remote communications connectivity options including Web/SNMP, Modbus/JBus and relay contacts with third-party certified cybersecurity
  • Compatible with Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software providing seamless integration and can trigger virtual machine migrations and shut down nonessential devices when there is a power outage

91PS UPS Battery Sets

The 30kW Eaton 91PS UPS uses internal batteries and can be connected to an external battery cabinet for extended runtime applications. The UPS can support lead acid, NiCad and lithium batteries. Please contact us for a UPS runtime configuration. A supercapacitor set can also be used with the Eaton 91PS UPS for short runtime applications.

Typical Applications

  • Onsite server rooms and datacentres
  • Industrial manufacturing processes
  • Healthcare and medical equipment
  • Transportation control systems
  • Telecoms installations