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Datacentre air conditioners are typically custom designed projects based around a specifically sized unit. The cooling specialists at Server Room Environments provide a full HVAC and mechanical and electrical engineering service. Please contact us to discuss your air conditioning project in more detail or to arrange a free Site Survey.

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A range of computer room air conditioner (CRAC) and computer room air handling (CRAH) solutions for server rooms and datacentres.

Parallel and Resilient N+1 Cooling Systems

Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRACs) provider perimeter cooling for datacentre halls and server rooms. More than one CRAC unit can be installed within the area and units can be arranged in an N+X parallel/redundant configuration to provide added resilience. CRAC units use a refrigerant as the cooling medium.

Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAHs) can be installed in a similar type of installation to CRAC units but use chilled water as their cooling medium. Internal cooling fans and coils are used to provide cool air into the datacentre environment.

Both CRACs and CRAHs provide a modular format allowing for a datacentre space to be scaled with growth plans, providing that the necessary infrastructure is in place or can be put into place. This includes provision for additional chilled water supplies and external condensers, piping, controls and electrical suppliers.

The Server Room Environments team can provide a free site survey or general advice for your computer room air conditioner or air handling project. Our team also provides design, installation and a complete maintenance contract.
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