APC Back-UPS BE 850VA UPS with UK BS1363 Outlets and USB Charging Ports

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The APC Back-UPS BE850G2-UK is an 850VA/520W standby uninterruptible power supply with a built-in battery, 8 UK BS1363 plug-in outlet sockets (4 with battery backup and surge protection and 4 with surge protection only), USB charging sockets, spike and surge protection. The UPS is designed to provide sufficient battery power for short duration power outages and has an ultra-efficient design to consume less power during normal operation that a typical backup UPS.

APC BE850G2-UK UPS Features

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation: the built-in AVR provides Buck and Trim performance to automatically adjust the UPS output without resorting to battery power
  • Automatic Diagnostic Testing: automatic periodic battery self-testing to provide early indication that the UPS battery requires replacement
  • Battery Connector: easy to use one-step battery connector for fast battery replacement
  • Intelligent Off-mode Charging: allows the UPS to continue to charge the battery even when the UPS is off

The APC Back-UPS BE series is available in 325VA, 650VA and 850VA UPS sizes.

APC Back UPS BE850G2-UK Applications

  • Desktop PCs and peripherals
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices
  • CCTV and alarm systems
  • Game consoles
  • Landline phones


325VA/120W BE325-UK
650VA/400W BE650G2-UK
850VA/520W BE850G2-UK
Brand: APC by Schneider
Input Supply: 230Vac nominal, 47-63Hz
Output Supply: 180-266Vac 50Hz on mains power, 230Vac +/- 8% 50Hz on battery
Power Rating: 850VA/520W
Runtime: 2 minutes at 520W/9 minutes at 200W load
Connections: 8xBS1363 UK (6 with battery backup and surge protection, and with 2 surge protection only)
Dimensions: 130Wx365Dx120Hmm
Nett Weight: 4.5Kg
Warranty: 36 months electronics, 24 months batteries
Maintenance Contract: Battery Replacement Kits (RBC17/MDS17)

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