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Netio PowerCable 2KZ with 2 Smart Metered Power Outputs (16A Max), 2 Digital Inputs

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Netio PowerCable 2KZ is a flat PDU (power distribution unit) with smart outputs (230Vac/max 16A) with LAN connectivity and WiFi (Internal Antenna). Each output is metered and can be switched ON/OFF/RESTARTED remotely. PowerCable 2KZ includes a web interface, access to Netio Cloud, an M2M protocols including XML http, JSON http and URL API. No power cables are supplied with the PowerCable unit. PowerCable 2KZ also has 2x Digital Inputs (DI) to monitor external contacts and relay outputs.

Netio PowerCable 2KZ can measure electrical parameters including Amps (A), Watts (W), kWh, Total Power Factor (TPF), AC Voltage (V) and Frequency (Hz). Energy in Wh is metered in both directions (consumed / supplied energy). Both power outlets can be remotely turned to their On/Off/Restart positions.

The Netio Cloud service provides a secure HTTPS connection through which to control the device over the internet. A NETIO Cloud ‘welcome credit’ is provided free of charge for each connected device. NETIO Cloud can be used in parallel with other Open API protocols, provides secure device communication (port 8883, MQTTs and TLS) and has its own Open API, which can be used to control all devices in a specific user account (using the MQTTS protocol). The NETIO Mobile2 App (iOS and Android) can also be used to control each individual output over a local area network (LAN) connection.

Power Measurement with the PowerCable 2KZ

PowerCable 2KZ measures electrical parameters for the two outputs separately. The measured values can be displayed in the web administration interface or Netio Cloud, and are accessible via M2M protocols. PowerCable 2KZ measures with an accuracy better than 1% for the entire operating temperature range. Measured values include:

  • 2x Current (A)
  • 2x Load (W)
  • 2x Energy (Wh) with a user-resettable counter
  • 2x Energy Out (Wh) MID-compliant metering for energy taken from the grid
  • 2x Energy In (Wh) MID-compliant metering for energy supplied to the grid
  • 2x TPF (True Power Factor)
  • 2x Reverse Energy (Wh)
  • 2x Phase shift (-180…180°)
  • Voltage (V)
  • Grid frequency (Hz)

Digital Inputs (DI)

PowerCable 2KZ has a digital input (DI) terminal that can be used to control any of the outputs(s) or count S0 pulses. The DI can be connected to a button (dry contact) or used as a S0 pulse counter for reading energy consumption from an external electricity meter. The DI state and the S0 counter value are shown in the web interface and accessible via the Open API.

  • Digital input (DI): 2x input (contact) + S0 counter (4 bytes)
  • Power for DI: 12V power

Calendar Scheduler Function

With the Scheduler (timer) function, each output can be individually switched ON or OFF at specified times and days of week. The switching times are easily configured in a graphical interface.

  • Each output can have its own schedule.
  • When a schedule is active, outputs can still be controlled with NETIO Cloud, the web interface and Open API.
  • Scheduler functionality can be enabled/disabled (not edited) for each output from the NETIO Mobile 2 app
  • Scheduler does not need an internet connection but a time source is needed; provided over the internet or, for example, by a local ADSL/WiFi router.
  • For special usage the Scheduler can be combined with PAB (Power Analyse Blocks); switching time is based on current sunrise/sunset based on your location; Whatever happened, a defined output can be switched off on defined time (midnight for example).

Pin and Power Watchdogs

PowerCable 2KZ is equipped with WatchDog PING (IP WatchDog) and WatchDog Power consumption (PAB).

  • WatchDog Ping: continuously monitors whether a given process or a part of a system work as they should. If not, the WatchDog restarts the process. Can be used for both outputs.
  • WatchDog Power: is “Condition” & “Action” (PAB – Power Analysis Block & Rules) based autonomous system. It continuously monitors current (energy) of monitored device powered from any metered power output and can be used for both outputs.

PowerCable 2KZ Specifications

  • Power Input: hardwired power cord 230V/16A
  • Power Output: 2x power cord outlets 230V with power switching + metering (A, W, kWh, TPF, V, Hz)
  • Connectivity: RJ45 Ethernet and WiFi
  • Switching: Zero Current Switching (ZCS)
  • Digital Inputs (DI): 2x DI with 12Vdc power

PowerCable 2KZ Features

  • Ping + Power WatchDog
  • Weekly Scheduler function
  • PowerUp State
  • PowerUp Delay
  • AV Driver ready

PowerCable 2KZ Control Options

PowerCable 2KZ is designed to easily integrate with third party systems through an Open API + AV drivers.

Integrations and Drivers

Netio have a number of integrations and drivers for third-party products, services and cloud applications:

  • Smart home automation
  • Intelligent buildings
  • Audio visual AV systems
  • Server rooms and data centres
  • Retail kiosks, signage and lighting

PowerCable Options

The standard unit is the PowerCable-2KZ. PowerCable is available as a custom build (min 25 units) with socket outlets on connected cables. Price on Application.

SKU Outlets

PowerCable Feature Comparison Table

Feature PowerCable2KZ PowerCable 2PZ
Connectivity LAN/WiFi
Power switching 2 channels
Power metering 2 channels
Watchdog Ping and Power Ping
Digital Input 2x DI (12V) Yes
Web Interface Yes
Netio Cloud Yes
Netio Mobile2 Yes

PowerCable 2KZ Youtube Review