PowerZook PDU Power Monitoring Sensors

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The PowerZook PDU Power Sensor can be installed onto an existing power cord to provide input power readings via SNMP. The PDU power sensor clips into the outside of an input power cable and can measure loads up to 32A single phase. The device can be installed onto existing PDUs without downtime.

The PowerZook PDU Power Sensor is a smart power monitoring device that can be used with a variety of loads and specifically basic PDUs installed within server racks to provide intelligent power monitoring information.

The device can be used to monitor for power outages, equipment failure, power usage information, current overload conditions, unusual power usage patterns, cable and wiring faults, devices in use and idle power consumption.

PowerZook PDU Power Sensor

  • Provides power usage information over a web-browser interface and SNMP
  • Can help to identify low power, power failure and near-to-overload and overload conditions and assist with capacity planning
  • Zero downtime for installation and can be installed into live environments
  • Compatible with SNMP-based Network Management Software
  • Can assist with ISO50001 and ESOS compliance
  • Web browser interface for configuration and remote connectivity
  • PoE for easy integration with IP networks
  • A compact, small, light and unobtrusive design
  • ’Fit and Forget’ and maintenance-free
  • LEDs: Power, Status and Network connection
  • Protocols: HTML, UDP, TCP/IP, SNMP v1/v3
  • Firmware: upgradable
  • Power: PoE IEEE 802.3af
  • Power Information: Amps (True RMS), Watts (Indicative)
  • Cable/Power Requirements: unarmoured/unshielded: AWG12, AWG14, 3G4 and 3G2.5 3-core power cable, 120v/20A, 208v/20A, 230v/16A, 120v/30A, 208v/30A, 230v/32A, 13.6mm diameter, 0-32A, 50/60Hz

The PDU Power Sensor is suitable for monitoring 3-core (Live, Neutral and Earth) input power cables up to 32A single phase. For 3phase power monitoring please contact our projects team.

PowerZook PDU Power Sensor Installation

The device can be installed onto the cable that it will be monitoring and configured using a simple laptop or netbook-driven web-browser interface. This software helps the installations engineer to easily calibrate the monitoring device on the cable. More advanced configuration can be carried out at that time or via the network.

When installed, the PDU Power Sensor provides power usage information and data over to network management systems via SNMP and the web-browser interface. The data can be compared and analysed over a time period for trend analysis.