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Netio Integrations and Drivers

Netio has several integrations and drivers for third-party products, services and cloud applications, used in smart home automation, intelligent buildings, server rooms, data centres, audio visual systems, retail kiosks, signage and lighting.

Netio Integrations

  • Integrations: Netio provides documentation covering how to connect with 3rd party products using Open API protocols
  • Drivers: some systems require plugins, drivers and/or extensions for easier usage

For most of the integrations listed there is the ‘AN’ reference number for the relevant Netio documentation which can be provided on request.

If you cannot find the integation you require please contact our Projects Team.


ABACOM develops software tools for microelectronics experts, students, developers and geeks. ProfiLab-Expert 4.0 for MS Windows is a software environment where various devices can be interconnected and controlled, from which an overall Dashboard user interface can be created. The software makes it easy to create simple automation projects without coding and the result is an executable (.exe) file. Various devices can be connected on a single dashboard, charts can be plotted, data can be logged to a file, or actions can be taken automatically based on measured values or at specific times. The devices communicate over Modbus/TCP.

Netio Document ABACOM Product
AN22 – ABACOM ProfiLab-Expert controls NETIO power sockets and reads measurements ProfiLab Expert 4.0

AlViS (SPIRIT a.s.)

AlViS is one of the most used SCADA systems in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for the integration of safety technology systems in buildings. AlViS supports the integration of products from many manufacturers including:

  • Security systems
  • Fire systems
  • Access control systems
  • Perimeter protection systems
  • Camera systems
  • Systems MaR (Measurement and regulation)

Using ALViS, energy savings can be made for HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) and lighting systems based on the detection of people within an area. The integration with NETIO products uses Modbus/TCP driver, a pre-made template.

Netio Document AlViS Product

Apache StreamPipes (incubating)

Apache StreamPipes is an open source self-service (Industrial) IoT toolbox that allows non-technical users to connect, analysze and explore IoT data streams. Specific features include:

  • Built-in Netio adapters to make it easy to connect data from Netio products
  • Analyse data in flow-based analytics pipelines using a web-based user interface
  • Collect and store harmonised data in databases or third-party systems
  • Monitor the live status of connected devices through dashboards
  • Leverage custom AI algorithms to detect situation
Netio Document Apache Product
Apache StreamPipes (incubating)


BrightSign® Media Player is a universal content player with remote management and supervision. Typical applications include digital signage, interactive information kiosks and information systems. BrightSign® communicates via LAN, using a plugin (driver) and can control individual outputs on Netio smart sockets and PDUs allowing users to turn ON/OFF, for example, connected TV displays, lighting and individual exhibits.

Netio Document BrightSign® Product
AN47 – The BrightSign player controls the power outputs of the NETIO PDU BrightSign® Media Player

Control 4

Control4 is a leading provider of automation and networking systems for homes and businesses, offering a personalised and unified smart home system to automate and control connected devices including lighting, audio, video, climate control, intercom, and security.

Intrinsic Dev are global leading developers of drivers for the custom install industry. Intrinsic Dev write, sell and support drivers to enable the integration of equipment. Their drivers are all developed in-house, in the Europe so you can be sure of the highest reliability and responsiveness when updates are required. They offer full technical support for their drivers and are on hand to help and advise the best solution for your next project.

Intrinsic Dev created drivers for NETIO power sockets to be controlled and monitored via Control4 system.

Netio Document Control 4 Product
AN54 – Control4 plugin – Application Note Control 4 automation and networking systems


Crestron is a leading system for intelligent home automation. It is versatile and has applications in many different areas. Crestron is used for intelligent controls in homes, administrative and commercial buildings.

NETIO power sockets can be easily and directly controlled from a Crestron system through ready-made NETIO Lite and NETIO Profi drivers.

Netio Document Crestron Product
AN28 – Crestron AV system driver to control NETIO power sockets (LAN / WiFi) Crestron


DevicePilot is the analytics, visualisation, and automation tool for IoT. Simply plug in your data and get instant, powerful insights to track all the important metrics for your business. Netio smart power sockets can be integrated with the DevicePilot cloud service using an Open API. MQTT based integration with PowerCable products uses secured communication. By using the DevicePilot cloud service, it is easy to create one dashboard with multiple devices and see meaningful information covering power consumption data and device output states.

Netio Document DevicePilot Product
DevicePilot (cloud service)


Domoticz is a Home Automation System that can monitor and configure various devices, such as lights, switches, various sensors and meters (like temperature, precipitation, wind, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and electricity consumption/production, gas and water consumption). Notifications and alerts can be sent to any mobile device. Domoticz is free of charge and open source. It can be used on Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and embedded devices. The Domoticz home automation system can read measured values and control individual power outlets on a Netio smart socket device.

Netio Document Domoticz Product
AN33 – Domoticz controls NETIO smart sockets (HTTP JSON) Domoticz


Intrinsic Dev are global leading developers of drivers for the custom install industry. Intrinsic Dev write, sell and support drivers to enable the integration of equipment. Their drivers are all developed in-house. Intrinsic Dev offer full technical support for their drivers and help and advise for a project. Intrinsic Dev have created drivers for Netio power sockets allowing them to be controlled and monitored via the ELAN system.

Netio Document Elan Product
AN23 – Application Note for ELANNETIO driver ELAN Smart Home Automation & Control Systems

Intrinsic Dev: NETIO Pro Driver for ELANJSON API based, Free / Paid version

Flic 2 buttons

A simple press of a button by Shortcut Labs, a Swedish company known for its smart wireless (Bluetooth) buttons, can trigger actions in the physical world as well as in mobile and other devices. Each button can trigger up to three different actions, and the LAN hub can translate these actions to commands to control one or more NETIO smart sockets. Flic 2 buttons are sold in sets, each containing three buttons and a hub. The system can be configured using an iOS or Android app. Flic supports an open API that can be used to add support for the buttons to any application.

Netio Document Flic 2 buttons Product
AN52 – Flic 2 buttons control NETIO power sockets via URL API Flic 2 Smart Button


Grafana is open source visualization and analytics software. Grafana allows you to query, visualise, alert on, and explore metrics no matter where they are stored. Grafana provides tools to turn a time-series database (TSDB) data into easy to view graphs.

Netio Document Grafana Product
AN50 – Prometheus and Grafana for NETIO power data analysis and visualisation Grafana


HSYCO is a powerful, scalable and cost effective solution for building automation, security & safety, environmental control and industrial automation applications. HSYCO is a supervision server that interfaces a wide range of standard and proprietary systems, providing a web-based, integrated interface for control applications. HSYCO enables innovative, comprehensive, secure, reliable, and expandable solutions can be designed and implemented to ensure integrated operation in diverse field systems. HSYCO has developed a driver for NETIO power sockets, availanle with 3.8.0. release of HSYCO.

Netio Document HYSCO Product

HW group s.r.o.

HW group s.r.o. manufactures systems for remote measurement over LAN / WiFi and GSM (temperature, humidity, water flood detection, and more dependent upon the sensor or detector connected). HW group produces alarm solutions for various environmental risks. On-line sensors can alert server administrators to air conditioning failures or water pipe ruptures.

Netio Document HWW Group Products
AN13 – STE2 thermometer (HW group) switches NETIO sockets based on temperature, AN14 – Reading the digital inputs of a STE2 device STE2, Poseidon2 3268, Damocles

See HW Group products available from Server Room Environments.


Integromat is a cloud service for automating manual processes. Integromat can connect applications as well as pass and modify data. Integromat cloud is a 24/7 service runs 24/7 and its graphical UI can partially replace the need for coding. Netio document AN55 shows how to periodically record hourly consumption data from a power socket to a Google sheet. Using http push, the Netio PowerCable REST periodically accesses a webhook element in the customer’s Integromat cloud account. Integromat formats the data according to a specified template and stores the data to the customer’s Google sheet.

Netio Document Integromat Product
AN55 – Integromat and NETIO PowerCable – consumption in Google Sheets Integromat

Kramer Electronics Ltd

Kramer offers thousands of specialty Pro AV (audio visual) products for a vast range of markets and applications. K−Config is a Windows−based, intuitive configuration application for fast and easy design of room control systems for pro−AV, lights and automation control. K−Config’s comprehensive features simplify the configuration of the control program running over Kramer’s wide range of room controller and control keypad products. End−user control is either room−local via a room keypad or from anywhere using web−based virtual−UI. AV product status and availability is easily and cost−effectively monitored by the fully compatible Site−CNTL application. Kramer’s rich scalable portfolio of Ethernet−enabled room controllers and control keypads flexibly and cost−effectively fit to variable customer room size and needs. They are field upgradeable over the customer’s Ethernet LAN or K−NET to easily scale according to customer’s changing needs.

Netio Document Kramer Product
AN64 – Kramer k-config 3 driver switches NETIO PDU (power outlets) K-Config


Loxone is a simple solution for smart control and automation of many types of projects from individual devices to smart homes, large buildings and commercial premises. Netio smart power sockets can be directly and easily controlled via Loxone products using Open API. The installation is simple and requires no programming or electrical skills.

Netio Document Loxone Product
AN53 – Loxone controls NETIO power sockets with URL API or Modbus/TCP Miniserver


Microsoft Azure is a safe and secure storage for your data and applications. Azure provides HW and SW infrastructure as a service, without worrying about its administration.

Netio Document Microsoft Product
AN26 – How to control and meter power consumption of NETIO power sockets from cloud service (MS Azure) Microsoft Azure


Nagios is a powerful monitoring system enabling organisations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they can affect critical business processes. Nagios provides instant awareness of an organization’s mission-critical IT infrastructure and allows a user to detect and repair problems, and mitigate future issues before they affect end-users and customers. Netio devices can be integrated with Nagios via the SNMP protocol. Netio products can be monitored aong with their real-time power consumption data. Using Nagios, states can be set to OK, Warning or Critical, when connected power consumption is high, low, different to what was expected.

Netio Document Nagios Product
AN41 – SNMP power monitoring in Zabbix / Nagios system with NETIO power sockets Nagios

Neets A/S

Neets A/S is leading AV manufacturer. Neets A/S develops intuitive and user-friendly audio-visual equipment and control solutions for meeting spaces, educational institutions, conference rooms and meeting rooms. Neets Control – EcHo Plus is designed to provide uniform AV control interface in all rooms through an 8-Button Keypad with built-in controller. It is world’s most compact AV control system and no external processors required. Netio have an AV driver for integration with Neets Control – EcHo Plus, using the Modbus/TCPprotocol. Through the integration, Netio products can switched ON/OFF/Toggle or RESET the NETIO smart power sockets using a wall mounted Neets EcHo Plus Keypad.

Netio Document Neets Product
AN44 – EcHo Plus (NEETS) for AV applications controlling electrical power sockets 230V Neets Control – EcHo Plus

h2, Node-RED

Node-RED is a programming tool for wiring hardware devices together, APIs and online services. Node-RED provides a browser-based editor that makes it easy to wire together flows using the wide range of nodes in the palette that can be deployed to its runtime in a single-click. N

Netio Document Node-RED Product
AN29 – Node-RED example of URL API communication with NETIO 4x, AN30 – Node-RED example of REST JSON communication with NETIO 4x, AN31 – Node-RED example of REST XML communication with NETIO 4xand, AN32 – Node-RED example of Modbus / TCP communication with NETIO 4x / PowerCable Node-RED

Om7Sense GmbH

Om7Sense produces software to monitor & optimize your datacentre or related IT infrastructure. Om7Sense is more than a DCIM as it also provides information on electrical energy, alerts and sensor data. Om7Sense can be connected to:

  • Power distribution units (PDUs)
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Automatic transfer switches (ATS)
  • Sensor systems
  • Cooling solutions

Om7sense is a cutting-edge technology energy management system, designed for data centres. Unlike DCIM solutions which try to cover all data centre specific aspects including asset management, and cabling), Om7sense focuses on the management of electrical energy, alerts and sensor data. To reduce the operation team workload, Om7Sense has been strictly based on a high degree of automation as well as on easy-to-learn operation. With the display of geographical and functional units, a user can always track which data centre, server room, rack row or server rack they are currently working on. Both the analysis and the graphics functions allow the creation of easy to read, high quality reports and data analysis.

Netio Document Om7Sense GmbH Product
AN36 – Om7Sense integration with NETIO PDUs for DataCenter environment monitoring & control Om7Sense

Paessler AG

Paessler AG prdocut an IT monitoring tool; PRTG Network Monitor. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor can read data from Netio power sockets via the SNMP communications protocol. The advantage of using PRTG for monitoring Netio power sockets is that it allows a user to monitor many sockets in a single environment and automatically send email notifications whenever a value exceeds a preset threshold.

Netio Document Paessler AG Product
AN48 – Paessler PRTG power monitoring with NETIO power sockets and electricity meters and AN51 – Paessler PRTG controls NETIO via button PRTG Network Monitor

Papouch s.r.o.

Wix software from Papouch, is able to measure and control a wide range of devices including thermometers, hygrometers, anemometers, the inputs and outputs of I/O Quido modules and other devices using the MODBUS protocol. Wix software enables the central monitoring and storing of data from various devices. Depending on the measured variable and its current value, the software is able to carry out various subsequent actions, for example, to notify a user with a warning message, control Netio product outputs, send an email or an SMS directly to a mobile phone.

Netio Document Papouch Product
AN46 – PaPouch Wix software – how to use it with NETIO power sockets 230V (Modbus/TCP) WIX measurement software


PIXILAB Blocks® is a software package for producing and managing rich experiences for visitor centers, museums, exhibitions and corporate presentations. The software features a unique mix of content and display management, control system capabilities, interactive presentation and mobile guide functions.

Netio Document PIXILAB Product
AN58 – Pixilab Blocks driver control NETIO power socket strips (AV installations) PIXILAB Blocks®


Prometheus is widely used open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit. Prometheus records real-time metrics in a time series database built using a HTTP pull model, with flexible queries and real-time alerting. Prometheus extends the Netio real-time monitoring capabilities with its own time-series database and analytical tools.

Netio Document Prometheus Product
AN50 – Prometheus and Grafana for NETIO power data analysis and visualization Prometheus


Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) is a leading control systems manufacturer offering innovative, sophisticated, and user-friendly devices for professionally installed electronic systems. Intrinsic Dev have created drivers for Netio OowerPDUs and power sockets which cann be monitored and controlled via the RTI system. The drivers use a JSON API.

Netio Document RTI Product
AN56 – RTI AV system controls and measures NETIO LAN/WiFi power sockets 110/230V RTI control system


Savant is a leader in home control and automation, and one of the fastest-growing smart home companies in the luxury and mid-markets. Savant’s powerful-Pro technology brings climate, lighting, entertainment, security and energy together in a single, award winning application interface for homeowners. Intrinsic Dev created a profiles (drivers) for Netio PowerPDUs and power sockets so that they can be monitored and controlled via the Savant system. Each outlet is represented in the Savant system as a Generic Relay Controlled Device. The drivers use a JSON API.

Netio Document Savant Product
AN57 – SAVANT control system is connected with NETIO devices for power measurement and control Savant Control system


Siemens LOGO! is a small PLC (programmable logic controller) with a display and several control buttons. Logo! is a compact PLC with LAN interface. LOGO! modules support Modbus/TCP protocol on LAN port (client). From Siemens LOGO! You can control remote power outputs over LAN and meter power consumptions on remote power outputs.

Netio Document Siemens Product
AN60 – How to integrate PLC SIEMENS LOGO! with NETIO PDU using Modbus/TCP Siemens LOGO!


SKAARHOJ provides highly customised controllers for the broadcasting industry. SKAARHOJ offer the ability to control multiple protocols allowing you to integrate several hardware units within a single controller. The Netio device core runs on a Blue Pill with Reactor as the driving platform. Via Reactor, functions to manipulate the power sockets or monitor the state of the power distribution units can be mapped onto the controllers along with other types of control, typically for broadcast equipment. Any SKAARHOJ controller will work, but will typically require a slight amount of custom configuration to integrate the power socket control in the context of a different main configuration. A default configuration exists for Rack Fly Uno (as seen on the demo video).

Netio Document SKAARHOJ Product


Zabbix is open-source software for monitoring of networks and applications. Zabbix is enterprise-level software designed for the real-time monitoring of millions of metrics collected from tens of thousands of servers, virtual machines and network devices. Netio devices can be integrated with Zabbix via the SNMP protocol. A user can monitor Netio devices and their real-time power consumption data. In Zabix, a user can set triggers, when power consumption of your appliances is high, low or different to expected values.

Netio Document Zabbix Product
AN41 – SNMP power monitoring in Zabbix / Nagios system with NETIO power sockets Zabbix

Please contact our Projects Team for further information or view each of the Netio smart power products.