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Netio PowerBox 3PG Power Strips with Switched Outlets

Prices from £185.00 inc. VAT or £222.00 ex. VAT
Prices from £222.00 inc. VAT
Prices from £185.00 ex. VAT
Total price delivered from £195.95 ex. VAT or £235.14 inc. VAT
Total price delivered from £235.14 inc. VAT
Total price delivered from £195.95 ex. VAT

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PowerBox 3PG is a smart power strip with 3 BS-Style square pin output sockets and an RJ45 Ethernet LAN connection port. Each output socket can be switched ON/OFF using a web interface. The PowerBox 3PG has an open API and can integrate with third-party systems using standard Machine2Machine (M2M) protocols including JSON, MODBUS/TCP, SNMP, MQTT-flex, XML and Telnet.

The Netio Cloud service provides a secure HTTPS connection through which to control the device over the internet. A NETIO Cloud ‘welcome credit’ is provided free of charge for each connected device.

The PowerBox 3PX product is available in three types:

  • PowerBoX 3PG: with UK (Type G) sockets and a plug for the United Kingdom, Ireland and other British style socket countries
  • PowerBoX 3PF: with DE (Type F – Schuko) sockets as used in most of continental Europe and Russia
  • PowerBoX 3PE: with FR (Type E) sockets and an earth pin for France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland

The PowerBox 3PG is available from UK stock. The 3PF and 3PE are available to order with a lead time of 5-10 working days.

The PowerBox 3Px is suitable for office, computer and server rooms and industrial applications and works within a wide temperature range (–20°C to +75°C). Firmware upgrades can be made using a web interface and the device stores the state of the socket before being powered off. For additional resilience, the relays switch at zero voltage.


  • Remote Reboot: for switching each outlet ON/OFF remotely
  • IT Servers, Networking Devices and IP Cameras: for the remote control and manual restart of IT devices
  • Energy Saving: to automatically implement ‘weekend’ and ‘night-time’ energy saving regimes
  • Laboratory Equipment: to provide remote control without having to enter the lab or clean room
  • Solar or Wind Power Generation: to restart devices whenever power or WIFI connection is lost using a built-in WatchDog function
  • AV Equipment: switch multimedia equipment ON/OFF from a central system or a multimedia control panel
  • Advertising Kiosks and Vending Machines: using the built-in timer function to control operation times
  • Air Conditioning Control: using a separate plug-in IP thermometer to turn AC units on when temperatures rise
  • Digital signage or AV (Audio Video): for remote power ON/OF a range of compatible drivers available for PowerBox 3Px
  • Office Lighting: controlling additional lighting from a central system
  • Conferencing Rooms: powering OFF unused/idle equipment

Power Up State

PowerBox 3Px can be set to power each socket ON/OFF/RESTORE where RESTORE is the position the socket relay was in prior to power disconnection. This features helps to prevent automatic restarts following a power failure and can be useful for sensitive IT and electronic devices.

Mobile Phone App

PowerBox 3Px can be controlled over a local network through the NETIO Mobile2, available for Android and iOS devices. The mobile app can be used to scan the local area network (via WiFi) to discover connected devices and control the devices and their outputs.

Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS)

PowerBox 3Px uses ZVS to control the exact time the mechanical relay contacts close or open an ensures that this is at the zero crossing on the AC sinewave. ZVS reduces wear and tear on the relays and reduces the negative effects of inrush current i.e. circuit breaker nuisance tripping.

Event Scheduler Function

The Scheduler Function allows the powering ON or OFF of each output to programmed into a weekly day schedule at specific times. This can be a useful features to save energy and periodically reboot connected devices.

  • Each output socket has its own schedule
  • The scheduler works without an internet connection; a time source (NTP server) is needed such as a local ADSL broadband or WiFi router
  • Netio Cloud can also be use to control the outputs when the scheduler is active

Integrations and Drivers

Netio have a number of integrations and drivers for third-party products, services and cloud applications:

  • Smart home automation
  • Intelligent buildings
  • Audio visual AV systems
  • Server rooms and data centres
  • Retail kiosks, signage and lighting