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Legrand Keor MOD 100kW UPS

SKU: 3-104-80-100
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The Legrand Keor MOD 100kW three phase modular UPS uses four 25kW UPS modules rated at unity power factor in a 125kW UPS frame which can also accommodate internal batteries.

The 25kW UPS module is a high-frequency PWM online double-conversion module that can be arranged in capacity or N+X configurations from 25-250kW. Parallel cabinets can be operated up to 600kW.

The UPS frame has a 10inch front panel touch screen display provides simplified control, information, alerts and access to set points, with interactive icons and an easy to navigate menu system. The display can be rotated 180degrees which can assist with configuration and maintenance.

Kear MOD 100kW UPS Features

  • 25kW 2U high power module with its own internal bypass arrangement
  • Input power factor >0.99
  • Reduced battery recharge times
  • Power module energy efficiency 96.8% online or up to 99% eco-mode
  • Parallelable system up to 24 power modules
  • Intelligence distributed between power modules
  • Rotating 10inch touch screen display
  • Multicoloured status bar LED
  • Communications include 2xRS485 ports (one for external accessories), 11 input ã™?oating contacts, 8 output ã™?oating contacts, 1 interface slot and USB host port
  • Temperature controlled fans to reduce energy usage and noise level
  • Input Power Factor > 0.99
  • Plug-in battery drawers
  • Decentralised system by-pass
  • Single communications module with front panel access

UPS Frame Size

The 100kW power module arrangement fits into the 125kW UPS frame with internal batteries to provide a 100kW capacity or 75kW N+1 parallel/redundant UPS arrangement.

UPS Battery Drawers

Slide-in UPS battery drawers house either 24×9Ah or 11Ah sealed lead acid maintenance free batteries. Up to 125kW the UPS frame can accommodate up to 10 battery drawers. The battery drawers are designed for easy refurbishment when it comes to a battery change. Each drawer has four blocks each with six batteries for easy re-assembly.

Drawers Runtime
6 × 9Ah 3minutes
8 × 9Ah 5minutes
10 × 9Ah 7minutes

Runtime Options

SKU UPS Frame Modules Battery 75kVA N+1 UPS Dimensions Battery Cabinet
KEOR-MOD-100K-3 100kVA/kW 4 x PM-25K 9AH-3S 5minutes 600Wx970Dx1990Hmm
KEOR-MOD-100K-5 100kVA/kW 4 x PM-25K 9AH-4S 8minutes 600Wx970Dx1990Hmm
KEOR-MOD-100K-7 100kVA/kW 4 x PM-25K 9AH-5S 12minutes 600Wx970Dx1990Hmm
KEOR-MOD-100K-15 100kVA/kW 4 x PM-25K 56AH-1S 20minutes 600Wx970Dx1990Hmm 900Wx805Dx1800Hmm
KEOR-MOD-100K-30 100kVA/kW 4 x PM-25K 105AH-1S 45minutes 600Wx970Dx1990Hmm 1270Wx855Dx1800Hmm
KEOR-MOD-100K-45 100kVA/kW 4 x PM-25K 105AH-1S 60minutes 600Wx970Dx1990Hmm 1310Wx830Dx2000Hmm
KEOR-MOD-100K-60 100kVA/kW 4 x PM-25K 90AH-2S 75minutes 600Wx970Dx1990Hmm 2480Wx755Dx1800Hmm

UPS Communications Module

  • Cold-start push-button
  • System communication ports
  • RS485
  • RS485 port for external accessories
  • Logical gate
  • Communication interface slot
  • USB host port
  • 11 floating contact inputs
  • 8 floating contact outputs

Please contact us for UPS runtime configuration.