AKCP Inline Power Meters

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The Inline Power Meter can be used to monitor loads connected to a basic power distribution unit or other type of load that requires monitoring. The meter goes between the electrical source and the power strip, or individual appliance, monitoring the voltage (V), current (A) and Kilowatt Hours (kWh) being consumed with billable grade accuracy. The Inline Power Meter can also be used to remotely switch devices ON and OFF with optional relay.

Inline Power Meter Features

  • Monitor and switch an individual appliance
  • Monitor a complete power strip and turn a power strip into a smart PDU
  • Graph power, voltage, current parameters
  • Receive alerts if electrical parameters exceed your pre-defined thresholds
  • Shutdown power automatically if over voltage, over current, or smoke detected
  • Bare end wires as standard or optional plug connections
  • 100-250Vac input
  • Optional Thermal Maps, smoke detector and LCD display

The Inline Power Meter is a scalable solution and can be used to manage up to 16 cabinets on a single IP address, turning a basic power strip into a smart PDU. Multiple sensorProbe+ base units can be monitored from a single user interface by connecting to AKCPro Server centralised management software.