Eaton 93PM G2 200kW UPS

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The Eaton 93PM G2 200kW UPS is a three phase modular UPS system designed to provide high availability and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in its class. The UPS system comprises of four 50kW modules and can support connected loads up to a maximum of 200kW or 150kW in an N+1 configuration. The 93PM G2 UPS series has several advanced features, high operating efficiency and a compact footprint, making it ideal for use in server rooms and datacentre environments requiring ultimate reliability and scalability. The UPS will operate with a range of battery types (lead acid, NiCad and lithium) and supercapacitors and can provide stored energy to the grid if required.

Eaton 93PM G2 200kW UPS Features

  • 50kW (PF=1) power module in a UPS frame that can take up to 4 UPS modules
  • Variable Module Management System (VMMS) to ensure high UPS efficiency even at low loads
  • Energy Saver System (ESS) for operating efficiency >99%, with 97% in double-conversion mode
  • EnergyAware for generating revenue from energy storage and a grid connection
  • HotSync load sharing technology to eliminate single points of failure
  • Hot swappable power modules for fast upgrade or replacement online
  • Thermal management to allow flexible installation against a wall or in rows or hot/cold aisle installations
  • LEDs and an intuitive touchscreen LCD interface provide UPS status information and access to data logging
  • Multiple connectivity options including Web/SNMP, Modbus/JBus and relay contacts with third-party certified cybersecurity
  • Compatible with Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software providing seamless integration and can trigger virtual machine migrations and shut down nonessential devices when there is a power outage
  • Innovative thermal management with options for front-to-top or front-to-rear airflow
  • Front access design for quick service and maintenance

50kW UPS Module and 200kW UPS Frame Expansion Options

UPS Modules Redundancy Capacity
1 50kW
2 50kW + 50kW N+1 100kW
3 100kW + 50kW N+1 150kW
4 150kW + 50kW N+1 200kW

UPS Batteries

The 200kW Eaton 93PM G2 UPS requires an external battery cabinet. The UPS can support lead acid, NiCad and lithium batteries or be configured to run with a set of supercapacitors. Please contact us for a UPS runtime configuration.

Typical Applications

  • Server rooms and datacentres
  • Industrial process control equipment
  • Healthcare and medical facilities
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Telecoms installations