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Eaton 93PM UPS

The Eaton 93PM is a high efficiency (up to 99%) three-phase modular UPS system for critical applications from 50-360kVA, and can be easily scaled from a day-one right-sized application to meet future growth needs. The UPS has one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownerships (TCOs) in its class with designed in safety, cybersecurity and remote monitoring and is built around a system with HotSync and Hot Swap modular architecture. The 93PM G2 UPS is the second generation of the product and can be used with sealed valve regulated lead acid (VRLA), NiCad or lithium-ion UPS batteries, or supercapacitors. The UPS is also EnergyAware and can provide stored energy to electricity grids. There are a number of options available for the 93PM G2 UPS including external battery cabinets, top air exhaust kits (front to top airflow), integrated maintenance bypass switches (200kW frame), Sync control to control the output from two separate UPS systems, Minislot connectivity (for Network SNMP, Modbus/JBus and relay cards), power conditioning and frequency conversion.

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Eaton 93PM Product Video

Typical Applications

  • Colocation datacentres
  • Medium to large datacentre facilities
  • Finance and banking critical IT systems
  • Commercial buildings and industrial complexes
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Healthcare and hospital facilities
  • Telecommunications installations and sites
  • Industrial and process control equipment

93PM G2 UPS Model Frames and Modules

Eaton 93PM G2 50-300kW Range : Output Power Factor = 1.0 Unity

Model Capacity / Redundancy Quantity
93PM-G2-50(200) 50kW 1
93PM-G2-100(200) 100kW / 50kW N+1 2
93PM-G2-150(200) 150kW / 100kW N+1 3
93PM-G2-200(200) 200kW / 150kW N+1 4
93PM-G2-250(300) 250kW / 200kW N+1 5
93PM-G2-300(300) 300kW / 250kW N+1 6

Eaton 93PM G2 60-360kVA Range : Output Power Factor = 0.9

Model Capacity Quantity
93PM-G2-60(240) 60kVA 1
93PM-G2-120(240) 120kVA / 60kVA N+1 2
93PM-G2-180(240) 180kVA / 120kVA N+1 3
93PM-G2-240(240) 240kVA / 180kVA N+1 4
93PM-G2-300(360) 300kVA / 240kVA N+1 5
93PM-G2-360(360) 360kVA / 300kVA N+1 6

1st Generation 93PM UPS Model Frames and Modules

Eaton 93PM 30-200kW Range : Output Power Factor = 1.0 Unity

Model Capacity / Redundancy Quantity SKU
93PM-50(100)-N+1 50kW N+1 2×50kW P-105000011-001
93PM-80(100) 80kW 2 (50kW+30kW) P-105000011-005
93PM-100(100) 100kW 2×50kW P-105000011-009
93PM-100(150)-N+1 100kW N+1 3×50kW P-105000014-001
93PM-120(150) 120kW 3×40kW P-105000014-005
93PM-150(150) 150kW 3×50kW P-105000014-009
93PM-150(200)-N+1 150kW N+1 4×50kW P-105000016-001
93PM-160(200) 160kW 4×40kW P-105000016-002
93PM-200(200) 200kW 4×50kW P-105000016-003

Download: 93PM UPS Datasheet


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