AKCP Thermocouple Adapters

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Thermocouple Adapters are designed to integrate either the AKCP thermocouple, or a third party thermocouple with the securityProbe and sensorProbe+ series of units. The adapters are available in either J or K types.
Thermocouples are typically used in heavy industry and cryogenics fields due to their accuracy and resistance to high and low temperature extremes. The setup is straightforward. Plug a thermocouple into the adapter, and then connect the adapter to an intelligent sensor port on the securityProbe or sensorProbe+ base unit.

Thermocouple Adapters Features

  • RJ-45 connection for easy and simple installation
  • Full autosense including disconnect alarm
  • Powered by the connected sensorProbe or sensorProbe+ with no additional power required
  • Power Consumption typically 7.8mW, 1.56 mA
  • Supplied with a 1.5m (5ft) CAT5/6 cable

The K type thermocouple is the most used thermocouple type. The tip is made from a +ve electrode of chrome and a -ve electrode of alumel metal. It is less sensitive than the J type thermocouple but has a wider temperature range of 200 to +900degC.

The J type thermocouple has a +ve electrode of iron and a -ve electrode of constantan metal (a copper-nickel alloy). It has a lower temperature range than the J type thermocouple (200 to +750degC) but a higher sensitivity.