AKCP Thermocouple Sensors

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The Thermocouple Sensor is an industrial strength temperature sensor for use in heavy industries including petrochemical and metal processing, cryogenics, and medical applications. J-K Thermocouple Adapters are available with the ability to measure from -200degC (-328degF) up to 800degC (1472degF).

The Thermocouple Sensor is designed for use with a J or K type thermocouple adapter and works with the securityProbe base unit. When connected, the sensor is automatically detected and configured. Setup is quick and easy, with the user only needing to setup the thresholds required for high and low warning/critical levels and any notifications required. This is simply done using the securityProbe web-based interface. No calibration is required.

Thermocouple Sensor Features

  • Plugs directly into an AKCP J or K type thermocouple adapter
  • RJ-45 connection for easy and simple installation
  • Full autosense including disconnect alarm
  • Powered by the connected sensorProbe with no additional power required
  • Power Consumption typically 7.8mW, 1.56 mA

The K type thermocouple is the most used thermocouple type. The tip is made from a +ve electrode of chrome and a -ve electrode of alumel metal. It is less sensitive than the J type thermocouple but has a wider temperature range of 200 to +900degC.

The J type thermocouple has a +ve electrode of iron and a -ve electrode of constantan metal (a copper-nickel alloy). It has a lower temperature range than the J type thermocouple (200 to +750degC) but a higher sensitivity.