SD-2xIn Door and Window Monitors with WiFi Connectivty

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The SD-2xIn Door and Window Monitor with WiFi is a device for connecting door and window contacts, PIR motion detectors or smoke and gas leakage alarms using dry relay contacts. The device can connect to two independent sensors. For configuration the SD-2xIn has a built-in web server and WiFi connectivity and the device can be remotely monitored over the internet using the HWg Cloud or SensDesk portals. The portals can also be configured to send emails to a distribution list when there is a change of state. Text messages (SMS) can also be sent via an email-to-SMS text service.

SD-2xIn Set Kit

The SD-2xIn is supplied with a power adapter.

Key Features

  • Wired Ethernet and WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
  • Support for simultaneous Ethernet and WiFi operations
  • Power: 5Vdc or PoE
  • Dry Contacts: 2
  • Simple installation and supports DHCP
  • Embedded WEB server
  • Security protected with a password
  • Works with the SensDesk Cloud portal


  • Gas or smoke leak detection
  • Open windows and doors detection
  • Theft protection


Physical Installation

  • Metal Case: IP40
  • Installation: Wall
  • Design: Industrial environments

Operation Schematic

Sensdesk with SD-2xIn Installation