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MiniBoot 4 C13 Outlets Single Feed Remote Reboot Devices

SKU: MiniBoot-4C13-13A-F
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The MiniBoot 4 is a remote reboot device with 4 IEC C320 outlets, an IP interface connection, serial and USB WiFi ports, and power monitoring functions that allows users to remotely reboot connected loads over an IP network and monitor power consumption to improve uptime and availability. MiniBoot can be installed inside a server rack or in a number of other types of application where there is a need for remote monitoring and control of the powered devices.

Remote Reboot to Recover Your Device

MiniBoot provides a simple and easy way to reboot a connected device. In addition to the ON/OFF command, MiniBoot provides 3 types of outlet control:

  • IP-Ping automatically detects a failed system for timely reboot
  • Outlet on/off by sensor condition
  • Outlet on/off scheduling

Power Monitoring via Network & Local Meter

MiniBoot provides power monitoring using a free Graphic User Interface (GUI) and built-in front panel LED ammeter that can be used for capacity planning and load management.

Alerts and Alarms

Alarms and alert message can be received via SNMP, email (SMTP), and syslog when predefined thresholds are exceeded for both MiniBoot and environmental sensor events (optional sensors. MiniBoot devices use common SNMP MIBs (Management Information Base).

Free MiniBoot Software with Web Power Reboot GUI

MiniBoot has a user-friendly GUI through which an administrator can remotely manage the MiniBoot via a web browser. The GUI provides individual outlet switching (ON/OFF), current monitoring and alarm alert functions. With enterprise level IP authentication, the administrator can manage the MiniBoot remotely with high security.

MiniBoot also supports SNMP V2 / V3 integration for remote management devices using DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software.

Functions Description
Power Monitoring Individual outlet switch ON / OFF. Aggregate current ( Amp ) monitoring. Alarm alerts.
Enterprise Level IP Authentication Active Directory (AD), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAPv3 / LDAPS). Remote Access Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) protocol, or local credential database. Strong passwords and granular user/user group permissions.
Remote Management Protocols: HTTP; SSH Command Line Interface; Telnet; SMTP; IPv6/IPv4. Remote level and ID setting for MiniBoot.
Alarms / Alerts Receive alerts via SNMP, email (SMTP), and syslog when predefined thresholds. Common SNMP MIBs (Management Information Base) for all MiniBoot models.

Enterprise Level IP Authentication

  • Active Directory (AD), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAPv3 / LDAPS)
  • Remote Access Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) protocol, or local credential database
  • Strong passwords and granular user/user group permissions
  • Support high-speed network IP via 1000Base-T (Gigabit) Ethernet port

Remote Management

  • Simultaneous access via free management web GUI
  • SNMP V2 / V3 integration to DCI
  • Remote management protocols: HTTP; SSH Command Line Interface; Telnet; SMTP; IPv6/IPv4

Socket Outlets

MiniBoot is available with a number of power inlet and outlet type connectors. In the UK the standard model has IEC C13 outlets. Others available include: US NEMA, UK BS1363, German Schuko CEE 7/3 or French CEE 7/5.


  • Universal Open Frame Kits: included with all MiniBoot models to enable easy installation into existing
    kiosks, walls and work panels
  • Rack Mount Kits: included with with 8-port MiniBoot models for 19inch server racks (horizontal mount)
  • WiFi Kit: providing 802.11 g/n/ac WiFi, with a low-profile design wireless antenna, a magnetic base design for tool-less installation and a 1m cord with USB port
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors: ‘plug n play’, external sensors with a 2m or 4m power cord and a low profile design with a magnetic base for easy installation to a server rack
  • Smoke Sensor: with a 1m or 3m power cord and a red LED light and audio alarm
  • Door Sensor:: for mechanical doors with a 2m or 4m power cord for use in a server rack
  • Lockable C13 Outlets: to secure plugs and prevent accidental disconnection, supports standard or switched outlets and compatible with lockable C13 power cords for outlet locking
  • Lockable Color C14-C13 Power Cords: connect to lockable C13 outlets to secure plugs and prevent accidental disconnection and available in Black / Grey / Red / Blue / Orange / Green colours, C14 – C13: 0.5m – 1m – 2m


MiniBoot 4 has a number of applications including: commercial offices, telecommunication applications, remote satellite stations, digital signage, audio video walls, service centres, airport check-in kiosks, shopping mall and retail kiosks, ATM machines, ticketing system equipment, vending machines, factory automation systems, Internet of Things (IoT devices, industrial IIoT, production plants, assembly lines, quality and control information desks, training rooms, computer rooms, server rooms and data centres.