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Netio PowerDIN 4PZ DIN Rail Mount Energy Meter

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PowerDIN 4PZ is a dual 240Vac/16A electricity metering device (A, W, Wh, TPF, V, Hz) with LAN/WiFi and I/O connections for installation on a DIN rail.

The PowerDIN 4PZ can be remotely controlled and monitored via a web interface and the NETIO Cloud or an Open API. Each of the 4 outputs can be switched ON/OFF independently. The DIN rail mount device has two dry contact digital inputs (DI – including S0 pulse counts) that can be read remotely. Integration with third-party systems can be achieved via standard protocols including JSON, Modbus/TCP, SNMP, MQTT-flex, and Telnet. A NETIO Cloud ‘welcome credit’ is provided free of charge for each connected device, calculated to cover about 3 years of operation.

PowerDIN 4PZ Features

  • Two metered 240Vac outputs that can be switched OFF via a built-in relay for remote reboots
  • Two relay outputs with NO/NC relay contacts
  • Two digital inputs (DI) to connect push-buttons or SO meters
  • LAN or WiFi connection with NFC configuration
  • Built-in web interface
  • Channels 1, 2: metering + relay
  • Channels 3, 4: relay contacts
  • Open API: MQTT-flex, Modbus/TCP, Telnet, JSON, XML, SNMP
  • Energy metering tracks the energy flow in both directions separately (with two separate kWh counters); an additional, user-resettable counter is also provided
  • PowerUp State: defined output states after power-up and remembers the last state
  • PowerUp Delay: with outputs switched ON after a delay) to allow a switched sequence after a power outage
  • Firmware can be upgraded over the Web, configuration can be imported and exported
  • Independent Output Control (IOC)
  • Zero Current Switching Outputs (ZCS) on relays 1 and 2 to extend their mechanical working life
  • Mobile app: NETIO Mobile2 for Android and iOS
  • Internet Service: NETIO Cloud

Typical Applications

  • Electricity Metering and Distribution: in a DIN electrical cabinet
  • Remote Energy Consumption Monitoring: in one or two circuit branches
  • Measuring Electricity Consumption above 16A: by connecting the pulse output of a 3-phase electricity meter to In1 or In2
  • Output Control: each output can be switched ON/OFF or power-cycled (e.g. to restart all appliances connected to the same circuit branch) from the web interface or the NETIO Cloud service
  • Battery Charger Control: for example for e-bikes, caravans, boats and other devices with energy storage up to 3.6kW (230Vac/16A)

Relay Outputs and Digital Inputs

  • DO (Digital Outputs) 1 and 2: two independently-metered 230Vac channels whose power output can be switched ON and OFF with a built-in ZCS relay
  • DO (Digital Outputs) 3 and 4: are general-purpose NO/NC relay contacts that can be controlled remotely – the two outputs do not support ZCS, and are not connected to the supply voltage
  • DI (Digital Inputs) In1 and In2 : can be used to connect any dry contact – SI input states are shown in the Open API and each input includes an S0 pulse counter for monitoring a water or electricity meter
Digital Output Measurements Switching Max Voltage/Current
Out 1, Out 2 A, W, Wh, TPF, V, Hz Relay (ZCS) 230Vac / 16A
Out 3, Out 4 Relay 230Vac/2A, 48Vdc/2A

Power and Energy Measurements

The PowerDIN 4PZ measures electrical parameters for outputs 1 and 2 separately. The measured values can be displayed via the web administration interface and are accessible via M2M protocols. Measurement accuracy is within +/- 1% over a wide operating temperature range.

  • Current (Amps A)
  • Load (Watts W)
  • Energy (Watt Hours Wh) with a user-resettable counter
  • Energy Out (Wh) using MID-compliant metering to record energy taken from an electricity grid
  • Energy In (Wh) using MID-compliant metering of energy supplied to an electricity grid
  • True Power Factor (TPF)
  • Phase shift -180 to +180°
  • Voltage (V)
  • Grid frequency (Hz)

LAN/WiFi Connection

PowerDIN 4PZ can be connected to one network at a time. If a live IP/Ethernet (RJ45) connection is detected, the DIN rail mount device uses the LAN. If the RJ45 is disconnected PowerDIN 4PZ switches to the WiFi connection. For WiFi, PowerDIN 4PZ has an internal antenna; limited range if installed within a metal cabinet.

The WiFi connection can be configured to use AP mode, or with the NFC interface and the NETIO Mobile2 app.

  • For WiFi setup without NFC, PowerDIN 4PZ has a built-in WiFi AP as well as a wizard guide WiFi network selection and connection configuration
  • With the NETIO Mobile2 app and an NFC-capable phone, PowerDIN 4PZ can be connected to a WiFi network in 60 seconds

Event Scheduler Function

The Scheduler Function allows the powering ON or OFF of each output to programmed into a weekly day schedule at specific times. This can be a useful features to save energy and periodically reboot connected devices.

  • Each output socket has its own schedule
  • The scheduler works without an internet connection; a time source (NTP server) is needed such as a local ADSL broadband or WiFi router
  • Netio Cloud can also be use to control the outputs when the scheduler is active

Integrations and Drivers

Netio have a number of integrations and drivers for third-party products, services and cloud applications:

  • Smart home automation
  • Intelligent buildings
  • Audio visual AV systems
  • Server rooms and data centres
  • Retail kiosks, signage and lighting

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