Eaton ePDU G3 Basic PDU 32A 3ph 3 C13 6 C19 Outlets

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The Eaton ePDU G3 Basic PDU with a 32A 3phase input with an IEC309 power cord, 6xC13 and 6xC19 outlets.

Eaton ePDU EBAB01 Basic PDU Features

  • Outlet sockets with dual built-in security mechanism eGrip and P-Lock
  • Colour-coded outlet and branch circuits for simple load balancing
  • 60°C operating temperature
  • Universal rack mounting system (button and clip feet)
  • Alternating phase per sections (3Phase 32A PDU only)

Vertical mounting units (0U) include both rear and side button mounting system and Eaton’s patented variable clip feet. Horizontal units (1U/2U) come with rack ear support.