Eaton ePDU G3 PDUs

The G3 ePDU from Eaton is a complete power distribution unit range for mounting in a server rack and includes several feature levels including the basic, metered, metered outlet, manage and high density PDUs. Each level offers multiple outlet socket arrangements and different levels of connectivity for remote management and control. The Eaton ePDU G3 power distribution range is designed to suit the needs of IT environments from small computer rooms to medium-sized server rooms and hyperscale datacentres.

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Eaton Basic Rack PDU

The Basic PDU range from Eaton is available in several form factors (OU, 1U and 2U) and a selection of output sockets. The Basic PDU is a very cost-effective power distribution unit for branch circuit protection and is designed for rack mounting in a server rack. The PDUs have Eaton’s patented IEC outlet grip plug-retention to prevent accidental power cord disconnection, colour coded outlets sections, a low-profile form factor and high operating temperature threshold.

Eaton Metered Input Rack PDU

The Metered Input PDU range from Eaton provides remote monitoring and power data access with 1% billing grade accuracy. Each colour-coded outlet section can be monitored from a single interface. Up to eight of the Metered PDUs can be daisy-chained together to share the same network Ethernet/IP connection and address. The PDU makes it easy to load balance and prevent overloads and is available in 0U, 1U and 2U sizes.

Eaton Metered Outlet Rack PDU

The Metered Outlet PDU range provides measurement data for power consumption down to the outlet let for Level 3 power usage effectiveness (PUE) calculations and customer billing (1% accuracy). The 0U PDU is ideal when you need to monitor outlet level data but do not need to control individual outlets. Power quality measurements include voltage, current and power consumption.

Eaton Managed Rack PDU

Also known as switched PDUs, the Managed PDU range provides the ability to monitor and control critical power factors including Voltage (V), Amps (A) and power factor (pF). The outlet information helps server room and datacentre managers to easily monitor energy consumption. The vertical and horizontal PDU units feature outlet switching (ON/OFF) for remote rebooting of the powered loads. Unused outlets can also be remotely disconnected to prevent unauthorised usage.

Eaton High Density Rack PDU

The HD PDU range from Eaton provides more outlets in the same space than traditional PDU units, to reduce the number of power distribution units required per server rack and datacentre installation. The HD PDU has two configurable outlet module slots with IEC and NEMA options and allows you to mix and match up to 10 modules and configure up to 54 outlets. The power cord position and power cord length can also be configured to make the PDU easier to install. The PDU has a tool-less mounting system and the chassis colour can also be configured for datacentres and rack installations where A and B power feeds are colour-coded.