APC SC 7W Self Contained Air Cooled In-Row Air Conditioners

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Prices from £6,471.36
Prices from £5,392.80

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The APC SC series of air cooled, self-contained row-based cooling units up to 7kW for IT network closets, computer and server rooms racks. The in row Direct Expansion design closely couples the cooling with the IT heat load to prevent hot air recirculation and improve cooling predictability for a pay as you grow environment. Intelligent controls actively adjust fan speed and refrigerant flow to match the IT heat load in order to maximize efficiency and address the dynamic demands of the server room or datacentre environment.

In-Row SC Series Features

  • PowerView for real time capacity monitoring and easy operation
  • Network manageable user interface
  • High Head Pressure Protection for fan modulation and to prevent units from shutting down when condenser airflows are restricted or at very high temperatures
  • Coil Freeze Protection with hot gas bypass to prevent evaporator coils from freezing during light load conditions
  • Remote probe guarantees inlet temperature to IT equipment
  • Variable speed and hot-swappable fans to reduce energy consumption during off-peak hours and allow the system to remain operational if a replacement is required
  • Condensate management with factory installed pumps to remove water from the units to ensure continuous operation
  • Castors allow for easy movement

Outdoor Units

Dependent upon the installation type and load. Please contact our projects team for more information.