Daikin 9.5kW FAA-A SkyAir Alpha Series Air Conditioners

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A Daikin wall mount 9.5kW air conditioning unit from the FAA-A SkyAir Alpha series for cooling computer and server rooms with no false ceilings. The unit has a reduced energy consumption with a specially designed DC fan motor and 5 different discharge angles to ensure the right flow of air can be achieved. Maintenance operations can be performed easily from the front and the unit uses low GWP R32 refrigerant.

Daikin FAA100A Power Inverter Heat Pumps

  • Flush to wall installation for concealment of service connections with easy front panel access
  • Improved airflow control with 5 vent angles, including automatic air speed adjustment for greater comfort
  • Highly energy efficient operation, utilising low GWP R32 refrigerant
  • Quiet operation with industry leading low noise levels
  • Full heating capacity down to -3degC
  • Available with remote control WiFi adaptor


  • Outdoor unit: SKU RZAG100MV1
  • Installation and maintenance contracts
  • Three phase electrical installation model
Brand: Daikin
Nominal Cooling: 9.5kW
Sensible Cooling: 7.44kW UK
Nominal Heating: 10.8kW
Energy Label: A++ cooling / A+ heating
Audible Noise Level: 65dBA
Installation Phase(s): single phase 230Vac 1ph 50Hz / three phase 400Vac 3ph 50Hz +N (dependent on outdoor unit)
Input Power: 1ph 26.4A/3pg 14.5A
Input Fuse Rating: 1ph 32A/3ph 16A
Outdoor Unit: RZAG71MV1 (1ph) or RZAG71MY1 (3ph)
Max Pipe Length: 85m
Energy Efficiency Ratio: 6.42
Airflow: 0.433/0.383/0.316m³/s (Low-Medium-High)
Refrigerant: R32
Dimensions: 1200Wx240Dx340Hmm
Nett Weight: 17Kg
Warranty: 36 months product or 7 years if installed by a Daikin certified engineer

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