AKCP 8 Port Sensor Controlled Relays

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The 8 Port Sensor Controlled Relay device is designed to provide multiport relays for advanced process control and can provide automatic responses to sensor status changes. The 8 Port Relay unit is easily controlled by any of AKCP’s extensive range of sensors. The relay can provide automatic responses to sensor status changes. Setting up the sensor controlled relay is easy with its built-in autosense feature and user friendly web interface.

The 8 Port Sensor Relay can be controlled via the integrated web interface on an AKCP securityProbe. In addition, the relay can also be controlled via external computers using the included SNMP command line either interactively or programmatically.

The automatic response to sensor changes gives users more flexibility in responding to the environmental alerts. Automatic responses eliminate the need for user intervention during an alarm condition:

  • Power switching
  • ON/OFF control of air conditioning and cooling equipment
  • Activating alarms
  • Process control applications
  • Energy management systems


  • Relay designed to control switching application over IP using an AKCP securityProbe
  • PCB, connector and contacts rated up to maximum 5A 30Vdc, 1A 220Vac
  • Operates from a single +5 Vdc power supply from the securityProbe, or an additional 7.5Vdc adapter
  • Provides a 3 position terminal block which includes Normally Open (NO), Normally Close (NC) and Common
  • LEDs indicating the status of the relay and power supply
  • Up to 64 (8 relays per RJ45) relays per securityProbe
  • Full auto-sense including disconnect alarm

Relay Contact Specification

  • Contact Material: AgCdO
  • Carry Current: 16A
  • Operating Voltage: maximum 380Vac, 125Vdc
  • Operating Current: maximum 16A
  • Switching Capacity: maxumum 4000VA, 480W with Resistive Load 2000VA, 240W with Inductive Load (pf=0.4)
  • Power Consumption: Typical 2475mWatt, 495mA