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Mitsubishi 4.6kW PKA-M Power Inverter Heat Pumps

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A Mitsubishi Electric wall mount 4.6kW PKA-M Power Inverter for cooling network computer and server rooms. The air conditioner is a single-phase system, with outstanding performance and advanced controls and uses a low GWP R32 refrigerant to provide a high energy efficiency and is capable of installations requiring extended pipe runs.

Mitsubishi Electric PKA-M50HA R32 Power Inverter Heat Pumps

  • Installation: Indoor, wall mounted with a flat panel and compact design
  • Flush to wall installation for concealment of service connections
  • Improved airflow control, including automatic air speed adjustment for greater comfort
  • Highly energy efficient operation, utilising low GWP R32 refrigerant
  • Quiet operation with industry leading low noise levels
  • Full heating capacity down to -3degC
  • Includes: PAR-33MAA wired remote operator


  • Outdoor unit: SKU PUZ-ZM50VKA
  • Installation and maintenance contracts
Brand: Mitsubishi Electric
Nominal Cooling: 4.6kW
Sensible Cooling: 4.23kW
Nominal Heating: 5kW
Energy Label: A++ cooling / A+ heating
Audible Noise Level: 60dBA
Installation Phase(s): single phase installation
Input Power: 1ph 1.347kW
Input Fuse Rating: 1ph 16A
Outdoor Unit: PUZ-ZM50VKA (1ph)
Max Pipe Length: 50m

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