Mitsubishi 28kW Coolside In-Row DX Air Conditioners

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Mitsubishi Electric Coolside 28.62kW direct expansion (DX) in-row air cooled conditioners for high density rack cooling. The units provide highly targeted energy efficient cooling with low operational costs and flexible layouts. High efficiency fans adapt to the thermal load based on temperature readings from sensors placed in the hot and cold aisles. The units also have variable position vents for precision cooling.

Scalable and Modular Architecture

The Coolside Legacy range is part of the Mitsubishi Electric RC IT portfolio, designed specifically for cooling server and racks in datacentre environments. The air conditioning units are suitable for use with 42U and 47U racks and are easy to install, providing an adaptable and easily scalable cooling solution.

Redundancy and Reliability

The Coolside Legacy range is designed to eliminate disruption from component failure. The Dual Coil version features a redundant cooling coil and double regulation valve configuration which are completely independent. The unit has a dual power supply with automatic switching to ensure power continuity.

Optional Configurations

The DX Direct Expansion version is one of four available:

  • Coolside DX Direct expansion
  • Coolside CW Chilled water
  • Coolside DF Dual Fluid
  • Coolside FC Free Cooling

In addition to being available as In-Row configurations, the Coolside units can be supplied within an enclosure with space for the servers and air conditioner. The hot air is directly cooled inside the enclosure to improve energy efficiency, with air temperatures around 46degC, cooled to 25-30degC.

Brand: Mitsubishi Electric
Nominal Cooling:

33.02kW max, 14.09kW min

Sensible Cooling:

33.02kW max, 14.09kW min

Installation Phase(s):

three phase 400Vac 3N 50Hz


4200m³/h max, 1800m³/h min



Nett Weight: