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Panasonic 3.6kW PACi Elite Ceiling R32 Inverters

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A Panasonic ceiling mounted 3.6kW PACi Elite series compact air conditioning inverter with R32 refrigerant for applications requiring large and wide area distribution including larger server rooms and office environments. Horizontal airflow can reach up to 9.6m and a wide air discharge opening expands the air flow to the left and the right.

The PACi Elite 3.6kW ceiling mounted air conditioner is A++/A++ rated with a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 7.2 and a SCOP (Seasonal Coefficient of Performance) of 4.8. The inverter is a single-phase system with a slim design and silent operation and can be used in Twin, Triple, and Double-twin split configurations. For connectivity the PACi unit can connect to smartphone Apps and a home or building management system.

Panasonic S-36PT2E5B-ELITE 3.6kW PACi Elite Series Features

  • Compact and slim design 235mm high
  • Horizontal air flow up to 9.5m
  • Fresh air connection available on the unit
  • Compact and elegant design only 779mm wide
  • Stylish matt white colour
  • Comfort Cloud control
  • Easy connection and control of external fan or ERV using the connector PAW-FDC on the indoor unit PCB

Datanavi Smartphone App

Holding a smartphone running the Datanavi App to the LED display on a compatible remote controller (CZ-RTC5B) display provides useful system information which can be saved and uses for commissioning and F-Gas checks and data history.

Panasonic Comfort Cloud Option

  • Smart Control: connect and control the operation of up to 20 units per location and up to 10 different locations and manage multiple units at once (turn on all AC units at the same time or by group settings and set weekly timers for multiple units to cater to your daily routines
  • Smart Comfort: easily manage comfort and air quality by adjust set temperatures for real time indoor and outdoor temperatures or use pre-heat or cool rooms
  • Smart Efficiency: monitor energy consumption based on different temperature settings and compare energy usage per day, week, month or year usage
  • Smart Assist: receive alerts in case of AC unit problem or breakdown with error codes and then use the APP to check and troubleshoot

Accessories and options

  • Outdoor condenser: U-36PZH2E5
  • Indoor and Outdoor unit and remote control: KIT-36PT2ZH5
  • Wired remote controller with Econavi function and Datanavi: CZ-RTC5B
  • Infrared remote controller: CZ-RWS3
  • Simplified remote controller: CZ-RE2C2
  • Outdoor elevation platform 400×900×400mm: PAW-GRDSTD40
  • Tray for condenser water compatible with base ground support: PAW-WTRAY
  • Outdoor base ground support for noise and vibration absorption: PAW-GRDBSE20
  • Interfaces to run 3 units on Backup and alternative run: PAW-PACR3
  • Commercial WLAN Adaptor: CZ-CAPWFC1
  • Panasonic Comfort Cloud for internet control: CZ-TACG1
  • Installation and maintenance contracts available on request