Panasonic 2.5kW UD3EAW Low Static Pressure Hide Away R32 Inverters

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A Panasonic low static pressure 2.5kW hide away inverter with R32 refrigerant for installations with limited ceiling space including homes, offices, retail outlets and restaurants. The AC unit is quiet and energy efficient and can easily integrate with home and building automation systems using the KNX, Modbus or BACnet protocol.

Panasonic CS-Z25UD3EAW 2.5kW Floor Console Series Features

  • Compact indoor unit only 200m high
  • High energy saving with an A++ rating
  • Drain pump included
  • Easy to install with flexible piping lengths, a compact outdoor unit and can reuse old piping
  • Wired control weekly timer (optional)
  • Smartphone control (optional)
  • Connectivity protocols include KNX, Modbus and BACnet (optional)

Wi-Fi Control

The Panasonic Wi-Fi kit can be used to control the air conditioner via a smartphone App. Control functions include start/stop, mode operation, set temperature, room temperature, weekly timer and more, as well as advanced functionality provided via the Internet to better manage room temperatures and reduce energy consumption.

Accessories and options

  • Indoor unit and remote control: KIT‑Z25‑UD3
  • RAC interface adapter for integration into P-Link: CZ-CAPRA1
  • Panasonic Wi-Fi kit for internet control: CZ-TACG1
  • Installation and maintenance contracts available on request