AKCP IO-Digital8 Sensors

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IO-Digital8 Sensor can provide 8 dry contacts on one intelligent sensor port on a sensorProbe 5E device. The main housing can be mounted on a wall and a standard CAT5/6 cable can be run to the intelligent sensor port on the securityProbe 5E. The sensor has 8 ALARM/NORMAL indicators that can be viewed in the webs interface of a securityProbe 5E.

There are two versions of the IO-digital8 depending on requirements. The first version has a single RJ45 connector at one end and eight 2-pin dry contact connectors along one side. The second version also has a single RJ45 connector at one end, but the eight 2-pin dry contact connectors are replaced by two RJ45 connectors, each compatible with four dry contacts.

The dry contacts can be configured as inputs or outputs and the IO-digital8 is user definable allowing it to be used to detect many different inputs such as a UPS system, security systems, alarm panels or air conditioning status.

IO-Digital8 Sensor Features

  • SNMP interface for alarm/normal status
  • SNMP traps sent when critical conditions occur
  • SNMP polling via GET command
  • When an alarm condition is activated the description and location of the fault can be sent via email, SMS, MMS, Skype, phone calls and other advanced notifications from a securityProbe 5E web interface
  • Each of the 8 dry contacts on the IO-digital8 sensor can also be configured as outputs either 0Vdc or 5Vdc and can supply up to 20 mA of current when connected to a load