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eMB Atoms Lead Acid Battery Monitors constantly measure individual battery voltage and temperature, are easy to install and use low energy wireless communication to provide data to an eDG Battery Montioring Data Gateway.

There are two types of eMB device. The NL-M8 does not store historical data and the HL-M8 will store up to 30 days historical data. The NL-M8 is suitable when there is an eDG battery monitoring gateway continuously connecting data. THe HL-M8 allows for intermittent data collection.

eMB Atoms Lead Acid Battery Monitor Features

  • 1 per battery (6V or more – 2V batteries have 1 monitor for every 3 batteries)
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Powered directly from the battery
  • No time-consuming wiring
  • No specialist training or tools
  • Can be used on new systems or quickly retrofitted onto existing batteries
  • Automatic cell balancing

The data can be viewed on the eApp (available for Android) or Proteus cloud based monitoring software.

The mobile phone eApp allows onsite technicians to view battery performance with a real time view of battery voltages, and historical data on previous usage. The App auto connects to the eMB monitors when in range. Up to 30 days historical data can be viewed when dependent upon the battery monitor connected to the lead acid batteries.

The Proteus battery monitoring software continuously analyses battery data and provides advanced warning of pending issues allowing early preventative maintenance to be carried out. Proteus uses industry leading algorithms and the latest in cloud-based machine learning technology to ensure batteries life is maximised and performance optimised.

eApp is a free download. For Proteus there is a monthly charge.