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Server Cabinet Chimneys

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The Server Chimney Cabinet is manufactured from steel for maximum structural rigidity with an adjustable chimney height to give flexible installation and a Vertical Exhaust Duct (V.E.D). Heat generated by the servers and IT equipment is directed through the passive hot air chimney. The chimney is secured to the top-rear of the cabinet and directs hot air from the cabinet into the plenum above. The Server Chimney Cabinet is suitable for use with virtually all hardware brands without adapting components and fully conform to EU recommendations on energy efficiency.

The cabinet is available in 42U (1975Hmm) and 48U (2240Hmm) sizes with the following options:

  • Two standard widths 600mm and 800
  • Two standard depths 1000mm and 1200mm

A wide variety of custom-built heights, widths and depths is also available. The heights stated exclude wheels or levelling feet and the chimney.

Server Chimney Cabinet Features

  • UK-built to the highest standards with best practice airflow and security incorporated in the design
  • The design includes a unique twist and lock cable management mechanism to support best practice cable management
  • EU code of conduct airflow compliant and supplied with air dams, infill plates and blanking panels as standard (blanking panels not fitted)
  • High flow vented steel doors for maximum air flow
  • Painted Ash Grey to help improve lighting and visibility (other colours available)
  • Open structure comprising of a rigid bolted frame manufactured to IEC297, BS5954
  • U-numbering strips as standard
  • Extremely robust – weight loading up to 1500kg

Server Chimney Cabinet Design

  • Open structure including an open base for convenient cable entry
  • Adjustable Universal Mounting Uprights (UMUs) to allow forward, backwards and sideways movement (800 only)
  • Includes four 19inch mounting angles
  • Compatible with all major equipment housing Standards
  • Industry-leading Quickfit Tool-less cable management using twist and lock system
  • Cable management ensures compliance with industry standards for cable radii
  • Multiple cable entry options available including top, rear, bottom or both
  • Removable front and rear doors, side doors and the top cover
  • Multiple lock options available and a swing handle with a 2-point locking, combination locks and electronic options all available

Cabinet Accessories

  • Cable management products
  • Range of shelving configurations
  • Blanking panels
  • Earthing kits
  • Baying kits
  • Easy to use universal PDU mounting brackets and trays
  • Brush entry side panels

Server Room Environments provides a complete design, delivery, installation and siting service for server chimney cabinets.