Data Centre Cabinets

These data centre cabinets from Server Room Environments range from 27U to 48U and are made to order. They include a range of widths and depths. As part of the cabinet range we also supply ETSI cabinets, colocation cabinets, patching panels, modular security cages and server cabinet chimneys that can also form part of our bespoke hot and cold-aisle containment solutions.

Server Data Centre Cabinets Design and Manufacturing

All our server racks, containment, data cabinets (floor standing and wall mounted enclosures), security cages and data centre cabinets are made to order in the UK. The data centre solutions we supply have been designed to meet the needs of new facilities, brown field sites, refurbishment, retrofit and refresh projects. Paint colours and finishes can be matched to existing racks and cabinets and colour schemes as required.

Data Centre Cabinets Installation and Project Management

We take care of everything whether it’s a new data centre or a refresh of an existing facility to improve energy efficiency, cooling & thermodynamics and data centre layouts and cabinet footprints. We provide a complete data cabinet design service including fibre and acoustic racks, installation and commissioning teams and can also remove and dispose of an existing rack or set of floor standing or wall mount cabinets for eco-friendly end-of-life disposal or use as second-user systems.

Data Centre Cabinet Maintenance and Servicing

Cabinets can be damaged through misuse and we provide a complete maintenance and repair service. We can also refurbish cabinets and provide a complete cleaning service on-site.

For more information on our data centre cabinets and data centre solutions please contact our projects team.