High Density Patching Panels 42-48U

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High density patching racks are designed to help manage complex cable networks and infrastructure in data centre environments. The cables are supplied fully assembled with built-in cable management to reduce installation time on-site. The high-density patching rack has large cable openings and 1U cable management fingers with 1RMU spacing to make it easier to manage large cable bundles. The rack provides a way to balance overall floor utilisation and cable management in a compact cabinet.

High Density Patching Rack Features

  • Open structure comprising of a rigid bolted frame manufactured to IEC297, BS5954 and 19inch standards
  • Robust individual patching frame 42 or 48U high
  • Widths 1000Wx1000Dmm or 1000Wx500Dmm
  • Weight loading tested to 1500Kg with even distribution
  • Ideal for both back-bone and patching cables Cat6 or higher
  • Front-to-rear feed patch cords through edge-protected passthrough ports
  • Large base and top apertures for the easy entry of bulk cables
  • Used as a single rack or quickly bayed into multiples racks
  • Integrated cable management at each U height on both sides of patching field to provide 100% patch panel availability
  • Independent locked front and rear cable access compartments front and rear (both on 1000mm deep racks)
  • 500mm deep models have front and rear side access
  • Removable side doors and top cover
  • Doors feature swing handle with 2-point locking system
  • Supplied with U-height labels fitted
  • Supplied with centrally fitted Velcro cable trays on the sides for enhanced cable control (choice of orientation)
  • Suitable for Baying either side by side or back to back with easy to connect baying kits
  • Supplied with 100mm plastic cable management arms (with dividers as optional)
  • Preconfigured cable management
  • Black Cable support fingers

Patching Rack Options

  • Baying kits
  • Shelving
  • Blanking panels
  • Earth bonding kits
  • Jumper rings and Arms for flexible cable management
  • Vertical or horizontal Levelling feet available

Other options are available upon request.

Typical Applications

  • Data centres, server and comms rooms
  • Internet service providers
  • Telecoms companies

Server Room Environments provides a complete design, delivery, installation and siting service for high-density patching panels.