APC Rack ATS 230V 10A Singe Phase C14 Input 12 C13 Outlets

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The APC AP series automatic transfer switch with a 10A 230Vac C14 input and 12 C13 outlets. The Rack ATS is designed for rack mount installation in a server cabinet and provides redundant power sources to single corded loads. The device is supplied with rack mount brackets, an RS-232 configuration cable and a serial configuration cable.


  • Dual Input Power Sources: supplies redundant AC power to connected equipment via two AC input power supplies (primary and secondary)
  • Transfer time: less than 10ms to ensure a seamless ride through a primary power source power outage or failure
  • 10 kAIC Overcurrent Protection: provides protection in the event of a significant overcurrent
  • Current Monitoring: monitors the aggregate current draw per power distribution unit
  • LDC Display: indicates the status of the AC power sources, which is set as the primary source and which is currently supplying power to the load
  • Network Management Capabilities: a full-featured network management interface provides standards-based management via Web, SNMP, and Telnet, and allows users to access, configure and manage rack PDUs from a remote location or upgrade the firmware
  • Command Line Interface: to provide simultaneous remote management access via Telnet and SSH
  • Cyber Security: a cyber-secure connection provides improved security for infrastructure devices, with machine data to form the basis of operational insights and analytics
  • StruxureWare Data Centre Expert Compatible: enables centralized management via StruxureWare Data Center Expert