Server Room Design

Server Room Environments are specialists in the design and build of server rooms, comms rooms and data centres including modular and containerised. We have developed a strong track record in data centre and server room design, installation, upgrade and maintenance including critical power systems, cooling, racks and fire suppression.

Specialists within our team are CDC-certified in terms of datacentre design and energy efficiency. We are at the forefront of the energy revolution delivering projects using the energy saving technologies:

  • New greenfield datacentre buildings
  • Brownfield site development
  • Existing room upgrades
  • Existing system upgrades
  • Edge computing facilities
  • Micro-datacentre installations

We work with architects and M&E consultants, and your own site contractors. We are brand agnostic, so that we can take a consultative approach to finding the right design and layout for your server room, whether the project is for a new air conditioning system, modular high efficiency UPS system or the supply and installation of new server cabinets for a data hall.

If data management is key to your business or organisation then you need a data centre design that allows for efficient data management, including storage and network capabilities. To achieve this every aspect of the layout of your server room requires best practice to ensure each system component is optimised and running consistently with contingencies in place to remove any potential risk of downtime.

Server Room Layout

The overall space in your server room design should be designed to optimise cooling and access. This means arranging server racks based on standard floor tiles and achieving a design that provides the right power density for today, and potentially future expansion.

The environment also needs to be dust free with provision included for regular deep cleaning services and good access for maintenance, especially in difficult to access areas within and behind server racks and cabinets.

Network cable access and design should be organised to prevent accidental disconnections and easy identification. Structured network cabling should be used with organised pathways, uniform colours and labelling and connection maps available for technicians.

The design should allow for LED lighting for energy efficiency and should provide a comfortable work area for employees, visitors and sub-contractors. Access to the server room should be controlled. It may be necessary to install server rack access controls within high security environments.

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Cooling management may include the use of cold aisle containment and make use of server rack and air conditioning systems. Whichever cooling method is used, it is important to install environmental monitoring within the server room’s design and at the server rack level.

Environment monitoring systems can monitor for a range of conditions: temperature, humidity, humidity, leaks, vibration and tamper. Alarms can be sent out via text SMS or emails or to a central building management system (BMS) panel as well as phone Apps. Without adequate server room monitoring, a potential heat build-up could lead to a dangerous build-up of heat within a server rack resulting in a risk of fire.

Fire Suppression Systems

Whether you choose to build fire suppression into the room design or to deploy at the server rack cabinet level it is vital that you select the most appropriate and ensure it is maintained. With a typical server rack generating from 10-30kW of heat, a cooling system failure can lead to a potential fire risk within 5-10 minutes. What makes this even more of an issue is that server rooms and data centres have people working within them who will need to evacuate from the room before the fire suppression system releases its inert gas.

UPS System, Generators and Energy Storage

Protection from mains power supply failures is an important critical infrastructure decision. Uninterruptible power supplies may be used at a server rack or row level as part of a de-centralised power protection plan. Alternatively, a large centralised UPS system may be installed to protect an entire facility with backup from a standby power generator.

Whether the data centre or server room facility uses a centralised or de-centralised power protection plan, systems should be monitored via IP/network SNMP and remote monitoring systems.

Micro Data Centre and Containerised Solutions

At Server Room Environments we adopt a total engineering approach to ensure we deliver power, cooling and environmental management systems that are right for the application. We can provide a complete ‘turn-key’ solution in the form of a micro data centre (MDC) that can plug directly into your building’s critical infrastructure as a self-contained unit complete with racks, cooling, power protection and fire suppression. We also design and install containerised data centres and server rooms to provide a modular approach which can be transported and installed onto prepared concrete bases.

Whatever you need for your server room or data centre application we have the right solution including:

  • Secure access and security monitoring systems including access control and CCTV systems.
  • Cooling systems, computer room air conditioners and air handlers, dehumidifiers, ventilation units and hot-aisle and cold-aisle containment designed to deliver the most energy efficient cooling and using air or liquid cooling.
  • Room environment monitoring for temperature, humidity, water, power and tamper to ensure your server room or data centre environment is safe, secure and fully operational.
  • Fire suppression systems for an entire datacentre facility or server room or server rack using the latest technologies and monitoring systems.
  • Raised access floors and suspended ceilings and LED lighting to optimise air flow, lighting and energy efficiency whilst providing safe access for maintenance and a high density footprint.
  • Micro Data Centres, for Edge computing applications including fully-self-contained cabinets housing IT infrastructure, power, cooling and monitoring and designed for direct connection to the local network or Cloud facility.
  • Modular and containerised datacentres, for remote and outdoor applications including containerised power and cooling systems and fully fitted so that they can be delivered to a prepared concrete slab or other stable platform on site and connected quickly.
  • IT data network cabling and patch panels for safe and secure network management, equipment identification and controlled scalable growth.
  • Server racks, cabinets and power distribution units (PDUs) including open or closed cabinets with natural and forced ventilation options and KVM (keyboard video management) switches and PDUs with basic to metered and smart to intelligent features including individual socket controls and energy metering.
  • Uninterruptible power supplies and energy storage systems using valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) and lithium-ion battery technologies for use as back-up power systems or virtual power plants that can take part in National Grid demand side response (DSR) programs.
  • Static transfer switches to provide additional resilient in the form of separate A and B supplies to a server rack or UPS system arrangement.
  • Standby power generators for use as back-up power systems, supplied with acoustic canopies or as open sets for installation to a prepared site or as part of a containerised solution.
  • LV Switchboards, panels boards and sub distribution boxes manufactured in the UK to client specifications and including a range of custom options including power factor correction.
  • Energy metering for billing and data centre infrastructure management as part of power distribution units (PDUs) or a specific Building Energy Management System (BEMS).

On-site Data Centre Services

In addition to an extensive product portfolio, Server Room Environments provides a range of services for new build, brown site and existing site refurbishments. These enable our team to provide a life-time commitment to systems we supply including their design, installation, maintenance and eventual end-of-life replacement as part of a decommissioning or facility refresh program.

Service and Maintenance Contracts

For each of the solutions we supply Server Room Environments provides a nationwide 24/7 technical support and range of maintenance contracts with 4 clock hour, 8 or 12 working hours response times and a range of options: thermal imaging, battery testing and load bank testing.

To discuss our datacentre and server room solutions please contact our projects team who can arrange a free UK site survey and project review.

Data Centre Design Consultants

Our principle server room and data centre design partners are Hurstwood Environmental Consulting who have offices in Bolton, Liverpool and London. Hurstwood have worked on server facilities and datacentre designs with us in the UK and overseas and have an established track record in mechanical and electrical projects