Netio PowerPDU 4C PDU with Metered and Switched Outlets

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The PowerPDU-4C is a metered power distribution unit with four IEC320 C13 power outlets which can be monitored for power and energy usage and monitored over an IP network.

The PowerPDU-4C has 2 LAN ports (embedded Ethernet switch) and a serial RS-232 port for remote connectivity. The PDU measures a range of power and energy metrics on each power outlet including: Amps (A), energy (kWh), total Power Factor (pF), Watts (W), Voltage (V) and Frequency (Hz). Each of the power outlets can be controlled from the PowerPDU-4C web interface, mobile App, button or various M2M API protocols including: REST XML/JSON, Modbus/TCP, MQTT, SNMP v3, and Telnet. Each outlet can be automatically switched on/off to a programmed schedule or remotely via the WatchDog function (detects a PING response).

The device is user-programmable using a LUA script. The Lua script can read data from the RS-232 serial port and switch additional AC units based on the value read from a connected temperature sensor. Users can also use Lua scripts for more complex conditions when monitoring other devices where it is necessary to correct device operation by parsing XML files or loading web pages.

The Netio Cloud service provides a secure HTTPS connection through which to monitor and control a PowerPDU over the internet. A NETIO Cloud ‘welcome credit’ is provided free of charge for each connected device, calculated to cover about 3 years of operation.


PowerPDU-4C Key Features

  • Built-in Ethernet Switch: as the PowerPDU 4C has an internal Ethernet switch, additional units can be connected (daisy-chain) to connect to a single local area network
  • PDU Outlet Control: via the Web or Mobile App (iOS or Android) to a timed schedule
  • Remote Reboot: for switching each outlet ON/OFF remotely
  • Machine-2-Machine (M2M) API: Telnet (Kshell) / SSL, CGI (HTTP GET), SNMP/SNMPv3, XML (HTTP / HTTPS), JSON, SIP and MQTT (MS Azure)
  • Enhanced Network Security: using HTTPS protocol to establish a secure connection between the browser and the web server and SNMP v3, and MQTT protocol for IoT cloud applications with SSL security
  • Connected Device Monitoring: using the WatchDog function to monitor ping (ICMP) responses and automatically restart devices
  • RS232 Serial Power Connectivity: a built-in 3-pin serial port that can be used as a remote serial port (tunnel from a TCP connection) or controlled using LUA scripts to control particular outlets in response to temperature sensors and trigger points
  • Lua Scripts: written as a web interface and with a library of sample scripts supplied as standard. Lua scripts can send e-mails, read values from RS-232 ports or switch individual outlets on/off, send and receive icmp pings, download and parse XML files from other devices (from a given IP address), receive http get requests (CGI scripts) and work with a time scheduler

Event Scheduler Function

The Scheduler Function allows the powering ON or OFF of each output to programmed into a weekly day schedule at specific times. This can be a useful features to save energy and periodically reboot connected devices.

  • Each output socket has its own schedule
  • The scheduler works without an internet connection; a time source (NTP server) is needed such as a local ADSL broadband or WiFi router
  • Netio Cloud can also be use to control the outputs when the scheduler is active

IT Network Applications

The Netio PowerPDU-4C can be used to distribute power within a server room or datacentre server rack. Each of the 4xIEC320 C13 outlets can be monitored and switched on/off and several smart devices can be connected in series. The Smart PowerPDU can also be used to control powerup sequences for the individual sockets to prevent circuit breaker nuisance tripping due to in-rush currents. The unit has an electronic fuse, overvoltage and surge protection.

Network Connectivity Diagram

Smart Network PowerPDU 4C