Containerised and Modular Data Centres

Server Room Environments can provide complete modular and self-contained datacentre solutions. Our modular solutions are based on pre-fabricated and modular designs that we can configure to suit your exact budget, IT needs and the available space on your site.

Containerised Server Rooms

Modular datacentres can be more cost-effective than fixed installations as they can more closely match the IT needs and investment budget any given time. Modular buildings also allow for more rapid deployment in the future and provide an easy way to expand existing datacentre and sever room facilities.

A modular approach can also be taken when designing and installing a new datacentre facility. This provides the same cost and speed advantages of a modular building. The initial datacentre building shell is constructed but is only fitted out as required. This can be an ideal solution for fast growing enterprise-type datacentre or a co-location datacentre operator.

A purely modular approach to datacentre design and the power and cooling systems used allows for fast and easier deployment than a fixed building. A complete, new modular datacentre can be built and then transported to its final site where it will require only final connection in terms of power, cooling and connectivity.

A modular datacentre can be a proprietary design, manufactured to meet a specific specification and environment. Another solution is to fit-out standard 40foot shipping containers for use as modular datacentres. The use of standard shipping containers provides potentially an eco-friendlier approach. The container is cleaned, resprayed and fitted-out internally with the required power, cooling, connectivity and server racks required. The server room shipping container can then be easily deployed for local connection and be up and running within several hours of reaching site.

The modular approach also provides a useful and cost-effective way to provide temporary facilities or expand an existing datacentre. The modular building is sited near to the fixed installation and connected on a permanent or temporary basis, sometimes without the need for planning permission if installed onto company owned premises.

Server Room Environments can also supply a container server room – set-up to provide critical power protection in the form of a modular UPS system, battery and generating set or as an energy storage facility for local energy usage or as an additional air conditioning and cooling system.
Containerised Power Systems

Containers can also be designed and installed by Server Room Environments to house a complete power protection system including:

  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Battery sets (lead acid or lithium)
  • Standby power generating sets
  • Automatic transfer switches (ATS)
  • LV Switchboards and switchgear
  • Lighting, security, remote monitoring and cooling systems to maintain ambient temperatures

Containerised power systems can be used to supplement power to an existing building facility or in the support of a modular or containerised datacentre installation.

For more information on a bespoke containerised power system for your application please contact our projects team.