KVM Switches

KVM switches allow you to manage multiple servers from a single keyboard, video (monitor) and mouse device. Our KVM switches allow IT managers to monitor and control Windows, SUN, Linux and Unix servers using both local and remote POST and BIOS-level access. The range includes Analog, CAT-5 Analog and IP-connected KVM switches.

NetShelter KVM Switch Advantages

NetShelter KVM switches offer multi-platform support and are compatible with major operating systems and network platforms including Windows, Sun, Unix and Linux. They provide a scalable cascading architecture in the form of a modular solution with true scalability for future network expansion. When problems occur, KVM switches allow for easy troubleshooting and diagnostics. Occupying only 1U in height and with low power consumption, our KVM switches are space and energy efficient. They are ideal for IT network management and are easy to install and operate.