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Control Room Furniture and Console Solutions

Server Room Environments supplies UK manufactured control room solutions including consoles, technical furniture and media walls to meet project specifications, with a 10year warranty and conforming to BS11064 for control room design as required. A range of control room accessories completes the range to provide an ergonomic and efficient working environment for control room operators.

Bespoke Consoles for Control Rooms

Control Room Consoles

What is a Control Room?

A control room is an operations room that provides a central space and managed environment from which services can be monitored and controlled remotely. Within a control room, it is important to provide dedicated consoles, workstations and furniture to provide a comfortable, efficient and ergonomic work space.

Static and Height Adjustable Control Room Consoles

Bespoke control room consoles can be supplied and installed, to provide a modern and adaptable control room environment for a wide range of industries including air transportation, industrial plants and process control, transportation and broadcasting, and the emergency services.

  • Air Traffic Control: control room furniture is available for control towers, radar centres, command & control, and security & cybersecurity suites.
  • Blue Light Emergency Services: to provide a comfortable and functional 24/7 workspace for critical emergency services including fire & rescue, ambulance and the police.
  • Industrial Manufacturing: designed for demanding environments, our control room furniture is hardwearing and for industrial plant and processing installations which also require a modern and aesthetic design.
  • Military and Defence Control room: to provide a highly functional and robust control room design and installation for mission critical environments.
  • Safety and Security: bespoke control room furniture systems for alarm receiving centres, command & control environments, CCTV monitoring centres, and cybersecurity suites.
  • Transportation: the design and build of modern transport centres and control rooms required to manage transportation systems and communications.

Height Adjustable Consoles

The automated desks supplied by Server Room Environments are designed to meet DDA regulations for sit-stand requirements and health & safety workplace practices and regulations.

Automated desks can include electric height adjustment, using actuators for fast, smooth, and simple adjustment to suit the needs of the operator. The height-adjustable control room consoles can be easily raised or lowered using a touch button and have pre-set memory positions. Bluetooth integration allows for remote control of desk heights. The benefits to using height adjustable consoles from a comfort and health point of view include:

  • Reducing cardiovascular disease and diabetes risks
  • Mood improvement and wellbeing
  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Improving alertness
  • Reducing muscle tension and overall fatigue
  • Reducing the risk of potential injuries from over stretching
  • Strengthening core muscles

Control Room Console Range

Our range of control room consoles includes:

  • Single Worktop Tier Consoles: standalone ‘island’ desks with a single worktop height adjustment with an aluminium build system.
  • Dual Worktop Tier Consoles: standalone ‘island’ desks with twin worktop height adjustment, linked to the same controller for movement synchronisation or operated independently.
  • Standalone Consoles: multi-operator consoles with individual height adjustment.
  • Multi Position Consoles: individual large height adjustable desks.
  • Aluminium Framework and Finishes

    The aluminium build system used in our control room furniture uses a range of hollow aluminium profiles specifically designed for control room furniture. The profiles are connected using easy-to-fit connectors, creating a lightweight framework design for a console or storage solution.

    The use of anodised, aluminium extrusion ensures strength, stability, and weight loading, allowing our control room furniture to be used in heavy duty environments with a 10-year warranty and guarantee.

    The manufactured furniture has a modern and sleek look. Modifications can be easily undertaken in the future by removing connectors and parts on-site and reassembling for a new installation format. The material finishes are fire resistant, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and recyclable.

    Printed Furniture Panels

    CNC machinery is used to cut panels to any shape or size required for the control room furniture. Printed panels can be fitted within console frameworks. The panels are made from a composite sheet with a core of polyethylene, sandwiched between two layers of aluminium. Panel textures and patterns available include wood grains, stone-effects, and gradients. Digital printing is used to apply an imprint directly onto the panels.

    Furniture Worktops

    The control room furniture worktops are made from a marine-grade MDF core with a balancing layer on each side for extra durability. The worktops can be cut to any exact shape and size, with cutting machinery programmed via designs completed in AutoCAD.

    Monitor Mounting

    Our control room desks use Moni-Track to provide a flexible mounting system for flat-screen monitors along the length of the console. The mounting system runs the length of the console and provides columns supports for Novus monitor mounts, keyboard holders, tables and other IT devices and equipment.

    An aluminium rail is inserted into the console worktop to ensure a flush fit and a brush strip is fitted to the rail to hide cables, which are run into cable trays on the rear of the desk.

    The support columns are easy to reposition and are secured using an Allen key. The use of the rail means that there is no need for worktop drilling and the rail can be used on straight or curved consoles.

    Cable Management Routing

    The desk consoles are designed to provide an easy-to-use solution for tidy cable management. Each console has easily removable rear panels with push catches, to allow access to the void area behind and access to the cable management. The unique design ensures that there are no bulkheads or obstructions to contend with and provides ample space to store tower PCs.

    Cable management baskets and trays are installed inside the void area. These are easily adjustable (horizontally or vertically) to provide flexibility and accommodate a wide range of IT hardware devices and their cables.
    The control room consoles have an open floor, allowing cables to be routed into the desks using cable grommets or floor boxes. Vertically mounted cable trays are used to route cables from the floor to the console worktop surface. Dado trunking is used for power and data cables to provide a tidy solution.

    In height adjustable control room consoles, a Caterpillar track cable management is provided. Cables are routed from the cable trays through the caterpillar track and up to the work surface. This avoids cable snagging during desk movement and keeps cables safe and intact.

    Branded Solutions

    Our control room solutions can be supplied with colour coordinated materials and printed with your organisation’s logo. Branding options include general furniture including chairs to signage and the console surfaces themselves. Branding can be via digital print onto hard materials or embroidery onto the fabrics used in control room chairs.

    Video and Media Walls

    Available for standard and custom installations for mounting large flat screen monitors. Our media walls use a lightweight aluminium frame which can be configured for custom designs and wall configurations. The framework is adaptable for easy future modifications and/or extensions and can be powder coated to any RAL colour. Typical installation environments include receptions, control rooms, exhibition stands, broadcast studios, conference rooms, ATC training simulators and bespoke desk solutions.

    Power Protection and Control

    Server Room Environments can provide a complete power protection system for a control room including uninterruptible power supplies and emergency power generators to keep a control room running during a momentary power outage or long duration mains power supply failure.

    Containerised Solutions

    In addition to the installation of control rooms in buildings, Server Room Environments also supplies containerised solutions for remote deployment. These are based on our popular modular data centres complete with air conditioning, LV switchgear, power protection, environmental monitoring and fire suppression systems.

    Control Room Solution Services and Projects

    Please contact our Projects Team to discuss how Server Room Environments can design and deliver a control room solution to meet your project specifications. Our control room solutions, consoles, furniture and video media walls can be delivered and installed worldwide. Our team provides a complete design and project management solution.


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