AKCP Locate Rope Water Sensors

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The Locate Rope Water Sensor is used to locate the specific position of water leaks over a large area such as in a data centre or server room environment. The sensor is powered by the base AKCP environment monitoring device and is ideal for use in hard to reach and contained areas such as under raised floors and in suspended ceilings.

This sensor is supplied fully assembled and includes the rope portion that is the water sensing cable, the non-sensing cable (from the rope to the sensing module) and the main sensing module. The sensing cable can be pre-ordered from a 3m (10 foot) minimum to any custom run length (in multiples of 3m) of up to 48m (160 feet). The non-sensing cable comes in a standard 6m (20 foot) length.

The specific location of water along the rope can be used to trigger alerts including email, SMS text, phone calls and SNMP traps. The sensor has its an SNMP OID so that it can be monitored over an IP network using any Network Management System.

Each Locate Rope Water sensor comes complete with a 6m (5 foot) sensor cable that connects the main sensing module to the AKCP remote monitoring base unit RJ-45 sensor ports, or a site can use their own CAT5/6 LAN cable. The cable can be extended up to 30m (100 feet).

Locate Rope Water Sensor Features

  • Designed for specific location water detection
  • Available in standard and custom cable lengths
  • SNMP OID for monitoring across a network
  • CAT5/6 sensor cable extendable to 30m (100 feet)